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Whether you are interested in Fretwork, Marquetry, or Intarsia; whether you work in wood, or other mediums; whether you design your own patterns or use available patterns; no matter what brand of scroll saw you use; no matter where in the world you are located, the Scrollsaw Association of the World is for YOU!

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Posted: 6/15/2018 2:13:05 AM
Penn-Jersey will have a SAW Booth at the Grey Towers Festival of Wood, August 4-5, 2018. The address is Grey Towers
2253 S Poplar St
Milford, PA 18103
They will have 2 scroll saws plus 8 members working the booth.

Good luck guys and maybe some of us will be able to stop in.
Posted: 6/12/2018 11:35:12 AM
Remember, you don't have to be chapter to get together with fellow scrollers or to invite someone to learn about scrolling. We have ACES that will help you to teach scroll sawing to someone to see if they are interested. Without each of spreading the craft, it will die out surely. Lets all do our part of passing this awesome craft down to generations so that they too, may enjoy all that we do.

Talk to retirement communities, schools with a vocational program, etc and get them involved. A scroll saw is the safest motor operated tool with a blade. Most schools stopped their wood shop program due to insurance liability reasons and the cost of buying equipment. For $100, someone can get started if they don't know someone with a saw to practice and try it on.

What have you done today to help someone else learn a craft that is so self rewarding?

We are currently working on a new scholarship application. Look for that to be coming in the near future.

We are also in the early planning stages of a Expo in 2020. Originally, it was hoped for 2019, but to present the best expo we possibly can to our members and the public, we wanted to make sure that we choose a location that can meet our needs, and to allow vendors time to plan ahead to include SAW in their traveling plans for 2020.

If you are interested in volunteering for our Expo Committee, please contact either myself or Lee Neiden, our editor. We are looking to fill a committee of at least 10-15 people. Each one will have a specific assignment for the implementation of a successful expo. If you are willing to commit to the time and the work required to plan this, then you are needed. If you aren't sure, still contact us and let us know so we can put on the list to be contacted later. If you just want to show up and enjoy the expo, we respect that as well.
Help us to help you have a 2020 Expo.
Posted: 5/19/2018 8:45:29 PM
Please welcome back Bushton Manufacturing as a business supporter. (HAWK)

It was a great weekend for SAW. Met a lot of nice people this weekend.

Looking forward to putting together EXPO 2020 for SAW. Gonna be great. Email me to be on the team to help put it together. We are going to put together a team and each person will have an assigned area. It takes a team to make it work, help us to help you SAW.

Feeling motivated.
Posted: 5/16/2018 3:06:34 PM
Well tomorrow, May 17th, at 5:00 am, I am off to Ohio for the expo put on by Lee Neiden's club, NEOS.
Hope to see you there.

I have all 60 pieces cut out for the Macaw. Ready to shape when I get home because my wonder wheel and flex drum sander will be here. HOORAH.
Posted: 5/6/2018 8:01:05 AM
Under the tab "GALLERY", then "MEMBER LINKS", we have a place to put your link to your website. If you are interested in connecting to other SAW members, please send your link to our webmaster at Rick will let you know if he needs anything else.

Local Chapters are in place or are being founded in many areas of  the country. Members of Chapters are the enthusiastically addicted scrollers from a geographic area. All scrollers are invited to join and share their knowledge with the group. New scrollers can learn from the combined experience of the group's members. This is your opportunity to join in and explore the advantages of membership in this growing and vital Association.

Your membership will immediately give you a subscription to our quarterly newsletter, SAW Dust, and a copy of our current annual Resource Directory. These publications will enhance your scrolling, enlarge your community, and give you a valuable start to learning more about this wonderful craft. You can explore many of these benefits on these pages, but you will not have the full benefit of membership until you join the Scrollsaw Association of the World.

Join now and become a part of this growing community!


New to Scrolling?

Click here to view a video that can show you how "Anyone Can Enjoy Scrolling" (ACES).
The quality of this presentation is not as good as in the format you may purchase.

If you are on dial-up on do not have the time to watch the video online, it is available to order thru Pay Pal here.

Misty Valestin, Home Office
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Simpson, IL 62985

Misty Valestin - Home Office

Phone: 618-658-0915
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