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Whether you are interested in Fretwork, Marquetry, or Intarsia; whether you work in wood, or other mediums; whether you design your own patterns or use available patterns; no matter what brand of scroll saw you use; no matter where in the world you are located, the Scrollsaw Association of the World is for YOU!

Special Notices

Actually, if you believe the world of commerce, it's been going on since mid-September, it seems. Now, however, it gets intense.

For those of us who use our scrolling skills to make gifts for friends and family (and perhaps the local crafts boutiques) the season began even months earlier as we began making those beautiful projects of the season. I expect that you are heavily into the finishing stages at this point. I'm positive that your recipients of these lovingly made gifts will be suitably impressed and will realize the love you put into making them.

Another year of SAW is ending soon. As we look forward into 2017 and the longer-term future, we hope that we will continue to reinvigorate SAW and that we will be able to provide even more of the things that members of SAW desire.

I've met with a group of our Ambassadors and will meet soon with many of those who are president of their SAW chapter. I'll be asking them to share their thoughts of what SAW does well, what we could do better, and what new could be added to the current program of offerings. If you have any thoughts about these three questions, please email them to me at

The Home Office will be moving from its current home in Ohio to my home in California (temporarily). So, effectively January 1, 2017, the new address of the home office will be 19116 Caney Avenue, Carson, CA 90746.

All members will be receiving a letter from the Board of Directors before the end of December. It will highlight some new procedures for SAW and will let you all know some more of where we plan on taking the organization.

The election is now over. We thank all of you who took the time to send in a ballot. We are pleased to announce that the two candidates elected to the two open seats on the Board of Directors are BOB KING (CA) and JOHN NELSON (RI).

I'm sincerely hoping that you all have a great and joyous holiday season, whether you celebrate a merry Christmas, a joyful Hanukkah, a wonderful Kwanzaa, or some holiday of which I am not yet aware.

More later. Keep on making sawdust!

Bob King, SAW president

Local Chapters are in place or are being founded in many areas of  the country. Members of Chapters are the enthusiastically addicted scrollers from a geographic area. All scrollers are invited to join and share their knowledge with the group. New scrollers can learn from the combined experience of the group's members. This is your opportunity to join in and explore the advantages of membership in this growing and vital Association.

Your membership will immediately give you a subscription to our quarterly newsletter, SAW Dust, and a copy of our current annual Resource Directory. These publications will enhance your scrolling, enlarge your community, and give you a valuable start to learning more about this wonderful craft. You can explore many of these benefits on these pages, but you will not have the full benefit of membership until you join the Scrollsaw Association of the World.

Join now and become a part of this growing community!


New to Scrolling?

Click here to view a video that can show you how "Anyone Can Enjoy Scrolling" (ACES).
The quality of this presentation is not as good as in the format you may purchase.

If you are on dial-up on do not have the time to watch the video online, it is available to order thru Pay Pal here.

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