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October Meeting

   The October meeting was called to order by President Jim Fisher at 9:35 a.m., Saturday, 18 October, with 31 members and two guests, David Ward and Oscar Miller, present.

        This month’s program was presented by Don Lester, who gave a very informative talk and demonstration on using Corian as a material for scrolling and pen making.  Don’s preference for a blade style is a regular skip tooth blade. His experience has been that a reverse tooth blade seems to cause more heat in the material and that can lead to problems with the Corian melting behind the blade as it cuts.  Don discussed the slower saw blade speed (about 800-900 rpm) and the feed rate of the material while cutting.  He offered several tips, including keeping the waste material on the right side of the blade.  The cut surface on the left side of the blade is usually smoother than the right, which will make sanding or polishing easier.  Don also went through methods of gluing up pieces of Corian, attaching patterns, sanding, and polishing.  Don cautions people to use a dust mask when cutting any material, including Corian.  Don also had on hand a number of items including bowls, pens, etc., that he had cut using Corian and Lexan.

         Ron Unkefer then supplied enough Corian pieces so members could take some and cut a project of their own at home.

         At the completion of the program, President Jim Fisher talked about the Costa Mesa Woodworking Show scheduled for 31 October to 2 November.

         Jim Fisher announced the nominating committee’s recommendation of candidates for the 2009 Board of Directors for the San Diego Seaside Scrollers.  The three-member nominating committee proposed Ron Krause for Chapter President, Rick Brown for Vice President, Mary Lee Lester for Treasurer, Leo Kilian for Secretary, and Evie Aring as the Member-at-Large.  Nominations were then opened to the members present.  No nominations were offered and the nominations were closed.  A motion was made to close the nominations, which was then put to a vote of the membership and carried with no dissenting votes.

         President Jim Fisher then talked about the special committee positions for the coming year.  These included the Newsletter Editor, Raffle Chair, Membership and Historian, Toy Program Coordinator, Pattern and Library Chair, etc.

        Show-N-Tell Table:   This month’s Show-N-Tell table was well-represented with many fine items.

        Leo Kilian had an intarsia piece depicting baby sea turtle swimming in kelp.  


Roy Vanderhook shared a very nice fretwork heart piece he had cut.  


Don Kelly had a pen set he had made from Corian.  Don said that a lot of sanding and several stages of polishing can be involved with Corian pieces.  


Sally Smull shared an outdoor scene she had made while attending another woodworking club.  Sally said there were 8 different pieces of veneer that were stack cut, then those pieces were exchanged with others to “mix & match” for some interesting colors and textures.  Sally said the finished scene can be used in a number of ways, such as the decoration on the top of a custom made box, as a framed piece, etc.  She also had a sample piece of Yellow Heart plywood she had made by laminating veneer.  Sally said the plywood, while very thin, was quite strong and a good choice for delicate fretwork items such as Christmas ornaments.  


      Bill Goldschneider had several seasonal themed fretwork pieces.  As usual, there was a very good exchange of information between Bill and members.  Bill offered some tips on finding very affordable “stock” for scrolling.  He advised members to keep an eye out for sales on things such as wood plates and cutting boards.  He said he has found these types of items at stores such as Big Lots, Ikea, and the Kitchen Outlet at Viejas.  Some of the patterns Bill used to make his fretwork pieces were actually a compilation of different patterns or ideas he thought would work well together.  Bill said a number of his ideas came from the Tom Zieg patterns that are available commercially.  Several members commented about his “take apart” display stands.  Bill said when he returns from his upcoming trip to North Africa , he would have some copies of the stand pattern available.  


      Jorge Parada had a nice fretwork piece he had finished.  Jorge said he made the pattern by taking a color photo with a photo-shop software program, converted the color photo to a pattern he could use for scrolling.  He also had a sample of plywood he made using ribbon mahogany veneer.  


      Roy Dunn showed us a “Welcome” plaque he cut using Red Oak, Walnut, and Birch.  


      Linda Romatko had a very nice fretwork piece depicting an English Setter she cut from Maple.  


      Bob Anttila shared a Rhino he cut using Cocobolo, a very hard exotic wood.  Bob also discussed the possible difficulties people could face cutting hardwood like Cocobolo, saying that some of the same techniques used in cutting Corian apply to cutting very hard wood.  


      Rick and Fernanda Brown brought in a number of heart shaped boxes they had made for the Toy Program.  The interior of these boxes were all very nicely finished and flocked.  The exteriors of the pieces were decorated and painted.  All of Fernanda’s painting and art work was, as usual, exceptional.  


Raffle:  Raffle Chair, Ron Krause, had an interesting array of items to give away, including another hydraulic work stool, a bundled assortment of wood (provided by Ron Unkefer), bar clamps, assorted tools, supplies, etc.  


      President Jim Fisher read a letter of appreciation to the San Diego Seaside Scrollers from Mr. Mike Mains, with the City of Santee Community Services Center, for the wood toys given to the Santee Day Campers.  


      Jim announced that he will be bringing copies of the corrected By-Laws for the San Diego Seaside Scrollers to the next meeting, and that he would also have a PDF file version of the By-Laws for those who want an e-mail copy.  


      Jim also discussed the December meeting and Christmas Party.  


4th Saturday in October  


      Jemima Thomas has reported that the final Toy Program workshop went very smoothly at the 4th Saturday in October event.  Around 20 members helped in taking inventory.  A sticker saying “Handmade and donated by the San Diego, CA Seaside Scrollsaw Club.  God Bless !” was affixed to each toy.  The toys were then individually bagged in clear plastic bags and sorted by category and counted.  Everyone at the event was surprised by the final total . . . 482.  In addition, Don Lester and Jemima had ordered 100 disassembled yoyos from Casey’s Woodworks.  Members assembled, bagged, and labeled the yoyos, and they will go out with the other toys.  The variety of toys this year is impressive.  We have cars, tops, Jacob’s ladders, wheeled animals, pull-toy rabbits, and grasshoppers, car carriers, heart boxes, complete with gorgeous handmade jewelry from Deanna Benson’s beading group, Bill-Bings, puzzles, and cribs.  


      Unfortunately, Jemima Thomas has also reported that she will not be able to continue as the Toy Program Coordinator next year.  We need someone, or several members, to step forward and lead the Toy Program in 2009.  Jemima says that the Toy Program could be divided up between two or three people who could take responsibility for different projects.  Jemima says please feel free to contact her and she will be glad to go over what’s involved in running the Toy Program.  Jemima has done an outstanding job with the Toy Program, and we will miss her in that program.  


The Extra Cut  


·          Thanks to all those who helped with the setup and breakdown of the meeting room for the October meeting.  


·          Thanks to Ron Smith for the October meeting refreshments, and a feast it was.  


·          Thanks to Roy Dunn for brewing the October meeting coffee.  


·          Thanks to Don Lester and everyone who helped with the October program.  


·          Thanks to everyone who stepped forward and volunteered for the 2009 meeting refreshments.  


·          Thanks to Deanna Robinson’s beading group.  


·          Thanks to Jemima Thomas for all her hard work coordinating the Toy Program this year, and all those who helped with the 4th Saturday in October Toy Program event.  


Scrollsaw Tips  


        Use Grain Direction in Your Wood to Your Advantage:  Study your pattern and consider grain patterns that would work well to convey a particular effect or highlight.  Then look in your wood collection for pieces that have that general grain pattern.  


      Avoid Finish Sanding with Worn Sandpaper:  When the grit is gone, rubbing sandpaper on your wood merely burnished it.  However, you can still use worn sandpaper.  It is perfect for sanding sharp, fragile parts.  


      Don’t Discard Your Cutouts:  For any detailed fretwork project that has large cutout areas, save the pieces you have cut out, and place them back in the cutout.  Do not glue them; they are there simply to hold the shape of the cutout space to give fragile pieces some support while cutting near them.  


      Take Breaks When You Are Cutting:  As your body fatigues, it affects your ability to keep pushing the wood directly into the front of the blade.  Take frequent breaks to refresh you body and your mind.  


      Cut Each Piece Accurately and Squarely:  Cut so the pattern line disappears, and check the square of your cut frequently.  A Scrollsaw with a tilt table, can sometimes tilt when you don’t want it to tilt.


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