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SAW started with an idea in 1996 and has grown tremendously since then. You can read about SAW's history year by year below.

History 2013

The year started out with the elections of officers being held in January, 2013 instead of November, 2012 due to failure of getting the election notice published in a timely manner.  At the same time of the election of Officers there were some major changes to the By-laws that needed to have the general membership approval.
The major change was to reduce the number of board members from nine (9) down to five (5).  Then the board elected to combine the offices of Secretary and Treasurer and it is now the office of Secretary/Treasurer.
The Patrick Spielman Scholarship Memorial had six (6) candidates.  All were well qualified.  The board elected to go with the recommendation from Scholarship America and awarded the 2013 Patrick Spielman Scholarship to Ean Bonjour of Stillwater, OK.  He is also an active scroller and a member of SAW.
The Expo for 2014 did not come about due to the lack of support of any Local Chapters to help provide the manpower that it takes to put an expo together.  The board elected to revisit the issue and see if there could be an expo held in 2016.
Lucille Brooke resigned from the board due to health reason and the board thanked her for all of the time that she spent on the board and all of the work that she has done for this organization
The board welcomed Carol “Swede” Bengston to replace Lucille Brooks.
There was a Toll Free Conference Call meeting held with the representatives of the Local Chapters and also one held with the Ambassadors late in the year.  This was to help communicate in getting ideas to help this organization do a better job for the membership.
There were some issues with getting the SawDust published in a timely manner and the board took action and it has gotten the SawDust published.  Also later in the year the board elected to have the pictures published in color in the January, 2014 issue.  And maybe in the future to be able to have SawDust published as a regular magazine with glossy paper providing the financial cost will allow for it.

History 2012 

Kathryn reported that the changes to the SAW Manual approved at the last meeting had been emailed to the Board Members.  Lyndal expressed reservations on the certificate of liability change and requested the issue be reviewed again to ensure all aspects were considered.  After discussion, all agreed the changes will be incorporated into the SAW manual as presented. 
SAW was represented at the Wood show in Somerset NJ and the video was shown throughout the show.
Gene reported that the charges from the last 3 months (which consisted of 2 board meetings and one committee meeting) totaled $36.29.  Everyone could hear very clearly, no dropped participants and meetings were finished smoothly and efficiently. Kathryn made the motion to continue this method of conducting meetings. The motion was seconded by Brian.  Motion carried.
Expo:  Went well and it was well attended and we came out in the black.  A BIG thank you goes out to the Volunteers who worked the expo to make it a success.
SAW is in the process of creating a complete step by step manual for hosting an EXPO

It is noted that the minutes for August meeting were approved promptly. Due to computer problems they were not posted to the website promptly.

The BOD has reviewed the proposed EXPO manual. A motion to accept the manual as proposed was made by Gene, seconded by Lyndal.  Motion carried.

We are addressing some changes to the By-Laws and Contest manuals. Committee for By –Laws Kathryn, Rick Hutcheson and Michael VanBrocklin.  Committee for Contest manual: Kathryn, Rick Hutcheson and Gene.

Expo:  A tentative date is being set for the next EXPO to be held during the week of June 18-23, 2014, with a room rate of $86.00 per night in Springfield, MO.

After problems of getting the Directory and SawDust issues published for the year 2012 Leldon Maxcy of Alabama has forward to take over the duties of being Editor - SAW
There have been problems throughout the year with trying to fill two vacancies on the nine (9) member board.   
Congratulations to Lindsay Zipparo of Sewickley PA. on being chosen as the recipient of the 2012 Patrick Spielman Memorial Scholarship.

History 2011

that Booth participation photos have been submitted for verification and payment approval from the Penn-Jersey Scrollers and Heart of Ohio 3 2011

Copyright issue:  The Board received an email from Tom Sevy explaining one person’s view of the copyright policy.  It is well stated and worthy of publication in SAWdust.  Lucy will call Tom and get permission to publish in the upcoming issue.

Finishing: The Board received an email on the subject. After some discussion it was tabled. Lyndal and Lucy are going to call their Congressmen and discuss the issue.  We will report at the next meeting.

Lyndal reported on the toy finishing issue.  The bottom line for right now is that the consumer protection agency extended the non-mandatory testing to the end of 2011.  Requirements for 2012 are not known.  The letter will be printed in this issue of SAWDust.

Gene presented the 2012 Expo committee’s recommendation to the board.  The Ramada Oasis Convention Center’s agreement was review.  After discussion, Kathy made the motion to approve the agreement with the caveat that there are no additional costs (e.g., electric) at the conclusion of the event. 
Congratulations to Megan Shetterly, Grimes, IA on being chosen as the recipient of the 2011 Patrick Spielman Memorial Scholarship.


History 2010

The proposed changes to the SAW Manual Opportunity Grant program sections were discussed and edited and approved.

Check to Heart of Ohio Scrollers for their SAW portable booth at the Woodworking Show in Columbus, Ohio, on January 15-17, 2010
Chuck Collins:  Contact from the North Star Scrollers in Bloomington, Minnesota regarding becoming a Chapter.
Communication continues with vendors.  The possibility of presenting awards at the Expo banquet was discussed.  June is the deadline for award submissions.  It was noted that the nu Photos of the SAW portable booth at the Woodworking Show in Reading, Pennsylvania, were submitted by email to the BOD prior to the meeting for review.  Lucy reported on the booth activities. 
Between Heart of Ohio and Western Ohio, 17 members worked diligently supporting the BOD in any way possible to ensure a successful Expo.  The Expo would not have run as smoothly without their help.  Attendance was down from 2008, but still good.
Congratulations to Harry and Lucy on their well-deserved Lifetime membership.
Congratulations to Ms. Joni Hutcherson, of Spring, Texas, on being chosen as the recipient of the 2010 Patrick Spielman Memorial Scholarship.


History 2009

An addition of another feature in our newsletter was suggested; a column entitled “Silent Saws”.
Expo:  The California group is working toward finalizing a proposal for review/discussion.  They are looking for an affordable venue in Orange County.  No other proposals have been received at this time.
Expo:  The California group received quotes from three different venues.  Unfortunately, the pricing was not within the SAW budget at this time.  Our thanks to the California Clubs for their efforts.
Expo:  committee's recommendation to hold the Expo 9 – 11 July 2010 at the Robert's Center in Wilmington, Ohio. 
The Scholarship winner was announced.   Congratulations to Johnathan Tyler, of Sidney, Ohio, for being awarded the 2009 Patrick Spielman Memorial Scholarship 
Mr. John Mac Dougall volunteered to take over the assembly of our newsletter, ‘SAWdust’
The DFW Scrollers have applied to man a SAW booth at the Wisconsin picnic.


2008 Happenings

SAW launched the new website on December 26th this year.  Our database was used to create the member information and the vendor portion of the Directory is now interactive. You will find it very easy to communicate with your Officers and Board of Directors by using the “Contact Us” page.  SAW, just like everyone else in these rough economic times, had to tighten the belt and try to cut expenses.  This new site will be maintained by a group of volunteers within the organization, therefore, eliminating the need for a webmaster salary. Yes, we had to cut some services, but there are options.   We no longer host photo albums, but, we will supply a link to a photo album you have established on the web.   SAW will still host your website provided it is compatible with our server. Second option : You could set up your own host for your website and we will provide a link to your site.
The youth division has been divided into two classes: Pre-teen 12 & under, and Junior 13 -17.  Youth do not compete for Best in Show.
The Ambassador program is under way.  This list of Ambassadors is growing and by year end we had 10 states covered.  Let’s keep up the good work, 40 more states to cover.
EXPO 2008 was held in Wilmington, Ohio at the Roberts Centre. It was a success, measured by the fact that we did not lose money.  The Roberts Centre could not have been more accommodating.  Our convention floor was spacious and we must not forget to mention very well air conditioned.(Brrrrr).  The contest entries were outstanding. We had a professional DVD produced of the entire event. The DVD is for sale on our merchandise page.  T-shirts and mugs are also available.
We regret the passing of a dedicated Board Member, Mr. Carl Roscher.
Our Home Office is running smoothly, thanks to Dena and Michael VanBrocklin.
Two scholarships were awarded this year: David C. Baer and Haley M. Moeller.
Congratulations to these two worthy recipients.
In the year 2009 we will be offering one (1) scholarship for 1-12 applications and two (2) scholarships for 13 or more applicants.
EXPO 2010 is being formulated, more info to come in 2009.


2007 Happenings

2007 has just begun and all ready major changes are occurring. Pat Lupori retired from running the Home Office. Dave and Amanda Horn have volunteered to take over those duties. The Home Office now resides in Geogia with Dave and Amanda. This was a major move for SAW as we needed to be registered in the state of Georgia and take care of a lot of legalities in addition to the physical move of files, computer, printer, etc. Much time has been spent in changing the address for the SAW office on the web site and in the literature that is sent out.
Unfortunately Dave and Amanda had a serious illness occur in the family during the summer. They have found it necessary to give up the Home Office and David's membership on the SAW Board of Directors as a result. Michael Van Brocklin of Botkins, OH, has volunteered to take over the duties of the Home Office. Again a major effort was undertaken to change the address for the SAW office on the web site and in the literature that is sent out. There was some disruption in services to the SAW membership during this transition, but as summer ended we feel that everything is now back in order.
Sandy Heitman has found it necessary to retire from being the SAW Dust editor at the end of last year. SAW member Darryn Armstrong of Canada took over the editorship for a short time. Then SAW BOD member Rick Hutcheson volunteered to take over those duties. Rick has been very involved with SAW from the beginning and is currently serving his first term as a member of the SAW Board of Directors. We wish Rick the best of luck with this very important job.
Major changes have taken place in the Booth and Contest Program. The Pennsylvania Picnic was the last SAW sponsored contest, now SAW just provides the guidelines for running a scrollsaw contest. The new booth program now provides some incentives to run a SAW booth. The Chicagoland Scrollers ran the first booth under the new guidelines at the Wisconsin picnic.
The winners of the SAW Scholarship in Memory of Patrick Spielman were Christine Foos of Colorado, amd Brittany Gosse of Wisconsin. Our congratulations to these two recipients of this very worthwhile program.
Plans are underway for the next SAW EXPO which will be held in Wilmington, OH on July 12 and 13, 2008.

2006 Happenings

2006 has brought several significant changes and additions to SAW.  This is the first year that we have been officially a 501 (c)3 for the entire year. The work for this was begun very early in the history of SAW. Since we were a new organization, we needed to wait several years for a final decision as we built our history. Our thanks go out to Jack Firse (original treasurer of SAW) for all of his work in preparing and submitting all of the documentation needed and for his follow up with it all. Jack is no longer on the BOD, but this accomplishment has much to do with his efforts.
2006 is also the second year of having portable contests and booths for SAW at various events. We continue to work on improving the materials that are sent out to the individuals running these events so that they can have the best possible results from their efforts. We applaud their commitment to scrolling and to improving the skill level of scrollers everywhere.
2006 marks the beginnings of two programs which we hope will help many people. The first SAW sponsored college scholarship in memory of Pat Spielman was awarded this summer. Kevin Weiser was the first recipient of this scholarship program. Bob Spielman was able to be present when Kevin was awarded his scholarship. Kevin was sponsored by his grandfather, SAW member Carl Roscher. We wish Kevin the best of luck with his college education and as he prepares himself for the rest of his life.
The second program that was begun this year was the Opportunity Grant Program. This program is available to Local Chapters to help their members take classes related to scrolling or can be used to bring speakers to their meetings to educate their entire membership.
Partially because of the Opportunity Grant and Scholarship program, but mainly because of increased postal rates, we did have to change the fee schedule for joining and renewing membership in SAW. Dues were raised for the first time from $20 to $25 for an individual. Postal rates have increased quite a few times since SAW was started but we felt it was necessary to hold the line on costs as long as we possibly could. Even with the increase in dues, we tried to keep the increase as small as possible and yet still take care of any additional postal rate increases.
Liability Insurance was obtained that covers SAW and also the Local Chapters. This again is a feature that has long been searched for and finally obtained. This benefit is of great value to Local Chapters who no longer have to search for their own insurance coverage. As part of this benefit it was necessary to implement a process by which Local Chapters could renew their charter. This was needed to verify their SAW membership and the SAW membership of the individuals belonging to the Local Chapters.
A new committee was formed this year to deal with the subject of Scrolling Ethics. This group developed a motto for SAW Members on the use of patterns and the copyright laws. We hope that all SAW members will read and consider this motto anytime they are working with these issues.
The Log On Lotto program was also begun this year. Each month, one SAW member who has logged onto the Members site is randomly selected from all of the members who logged on. That member is granted a one month extension to their SAW Membership. This program rewards those folks who log onto the Members site, whether it is to read minutes of BOD meetings, download patterns or make use of some of the online tools available to all SAW Members.
2006 has been a very busy year. I'm sure this will continue as we reach 2007.

2005 Happenings

The first major revision of the SAW By-Laws has been sent to the membership for a vote of acceptance or rejection.  This is the first time that the By-Laws have been thoroughly gone over to find what needs to be changed and updated. Some of the major points that have been changed deal with the Board of Directors - Allowing for the inclusion of business members on the BOD, and for Local Chapters - No longer requiring 100% SAW Membership for Local Chapter status, but now 30% SAW membership. Voting should be completed by the end of February.
Even more picnics are being planned this year. Virginia and New York groups are planning a picnic in their areas. We encourage many of these gatherings, as anytime that scrollers get together a fun time is had by all.
Rick Hutcheson was awarded a Lifetime Membership in SAW at the Branson, MO picnic this year. Rick's efforts on the behalf of SAW and of the entire scrolling community have been unfailing. He was nominated by Carl Roscher, IL, for this award. President Jim Barringer presented Carl with the first ever Member of the Year award. Carl is a Charter Member of SAW, a past president of the Chicagoland Scrollers, and has been a participating member in many of SAW's activities.
This year has seen many updates in the benefits of being a member of SAW and in particular in being a member of a Local Chapter of SAW. The Board of Directors has negotiated a contract with an insurance company that covers not only SAW in its activities, but each of our Local Chapters. SAW has also received our final notification of our 501(c)3 status as a not-for-profit group. This standing also affects each of our Local Chapters. The web site has seen many updates with the addition of a Pattern Maker software that allows members to create their own word patterns with a variety of possible fonts to use. The web site has also had a Proportion Calculator program added to it. Each Local Chapter has been given free web space to use for their group and several have all ready taken advantage of this benefit.


2004 Happenings

We now start the second half of our first decade. What an enjoyable experience this has been. Our newly elected Board of Directors is now taking a long look at some of the by-laws and procedures we have used for the last five years with the plan to make a few changes and help SAW to grow even more in the next five years. Part of this growth will be in rearranging some of the duties and jobs that need to be done so they can be accomplished in a more efficient manner. Another part of the planned growth is to help more Local  Chapters be formed and become a part of the SAW family.  We find more picnics being planned as more and more scrollers discover the joy of getting together and sharing ideas and techniques in person.
2004 finds us holding our Third Conference, which has now been renamed to SAW EXPO. This event will take place on June 11 and 12 in Lebanon, PA. There will be the opportunity to attend many free seminars, participate in the SAW sponsored Scrollsaw Contest, meet and greet many of the SAW Board of Director members, and in general have a lot of fun.
The AtoZ Scrollers in Phoenix, AZ are holding their first ever picnic in March. The scrollers from the northwest part of the country is holding their second Scrollsaw picnic in Portland, OR. Dirk Boelman and Ocooch Lumber have moved the IL picnic from Pontiac, IL to Richland Center, WI. That event, known as the MIdwest Scrollsaw Picnic, will continue the fine start that Joe Diveley gave to the picnic all the years that it was held in IL. The Pennsylvania Scrollsaw Picnic has given way to SAW EXPO. This will be the first event that SAW has sponsored in the East.  Where will SAW EXPO end up in 2006 at our next event. Marvin Shelley is holding his second picnic in Arkansas. The numbers are growing tremendously, surely everyone can find one event that they can attend this year.
Branson, MO hosted their first ever Scrollsaw Picnic. SAW attended and held a contest and had a record number of people enter a record number of entries. The judges for the contest continued something that was started at SAW EXPO by holding an impromptu critique after the prizes had been awarded. Anyone who did not want to have their entries critiqued were free to remove them from the contest area prior to the critique. All the rest were used in this seminar and the judges explained what they found that kept that particular project from receiving a ribbon. The critique has been well received at each of the events it was held at so far, and we hope that it will become a part of all future contests. Many favorable comments were heard afterwards about how much they had learned after listening to the critique of, not only their projects, but of all of the projects.  Our thanks go out to the judges for taking the time to do this.
The ACES program is being introduced this year. We hope that this is just the beginning of bringing scrolling to more and more people. Aces is designed to make it easy for anyone to introduce a group to scrolling. You would not have to be an expert scroller to put on this program. A 20 minute video is a part of this program. The demonstrator need only introduce himself and the video, then have the group watch the video, and have a short question and answer period afterwards. What a great way to spread the joy of doing scrollsaw work.



This was the year of SAW's first major anniversary. On April 1, 2003 SAW celebrated it's fifth Anniversary. Board of Director member, Billie Holm, developed special anniversary patterns to help celebrate the occasion.  It was decided to prolong the celebration throughout the year with special happenings at the SAW booth at this year's scrollsaw events.Balloons were used to announce our anniversary at each event this year. This made it easy to find the SAW booth.  In addition to letting everyone know about our anniversary.
Each event also found special displays at the SAW booth.
Over the years, SAW has received several samples of very small scrollwork. All of these items were gathered together into a special display
titled "Think Big, Cut Small". It is difficult to see in this picture what those items were. There are several of Joanne Lockwood's lockets. Diana Thompson has several of her patterns represented in full size.  There are 3D animal puzzles of a rhinoceros and an elephant. In addition there is a pattern of the state of Illinois that has been shrunk down to less than 3" in height and many, many more. In front of the Cut Small display you can see several samples of wood species.  This display also proved to be interesting as many people attempted to identify each species without turning the wood over to discover the answer.
At Tennessee, Karl Taylor brought his collection of antique advertising for scroll saws.  This was well received by the scrollers in attendance who found it very interesting to compare the advertising to what they knew of modern scrollsaws.
2003 was also the first year that SAW participated in four separate events. SAW attended and sponsored a Scrollsaw contest at Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Michigan.  The event at Pennsylvania covered two days as they were also celebrating a momentous anniversary. This was the 10(th) anniversary of the Scrollsaw Picnic in Pennsylvania.  This picnic can be credited with the beginning of all scrollsaw picnics and to a very great extent to the formation of SAW itself. It was not until scrollers had gathered together was the need for an organization such as SAW identified. 
SAW has come very far in just five short years and has a lot further to go. There have been vast improvements in the quality of the newsletter and Directory. The web site for SAW has grown to be one of the premier sites for scrolling on the internet. Membership continues to grow as more and more scrollers realize the advantages of joining with SAW. We eagerly anticipate the future to see what new ideas and improvements are yet to come.


2002 Happenings

SAW Dust:
The year had barely begun before major changes were obvious in SAW. The first change was to the format of the newsletter, SAW Dust.  Up until now, the format had been a small booklet size, 5 1/2" X 8". The first issue of SAW Dust showed the move to a full 8 1/2" X 11" format. The entire look of the newsletter has changed to that more resembling a magazine.  This was the first of many goals that we have had for SAW Dust. 
With the advent of the new size, it is now easier to make articles more readable, to make finding articles easier, and patterns are easier to see before removing them from the book.  The other major change which this format allowed, was the ability to put a picture on the front cover. In total, we hope that you will find this format better looking and easier to use. In addition to constantly striving to find patterns and articles of interest, this "cosmetic" change will help us to reach our next goals for SAW Dust.  

Picture CD:
The inaugural issue of a picture CD was presented for the first time in January.  This project was led by Board of Director member, Jim Barringer from Michigan. We gathered together all of the pictures we could find from all of the scrollsaw events of 2001. Jim selected the best of these pictures and put them together into a slide show and then programmed a musical accompaniment for each section. A lot of hard work went into preparing this and Jim can be very proud of the results. He did a GREAT job!
This project was made more difficult because the idea didn't take form until after the 2001 events were over.  Our hope is to be able to produce a similar product each year. Planning ahead we can make sure that we get even more pictures of people, projects and vendors and get names to go with the pictures. The pictorial history of each year can only improve with each production.
In addition to the pictures, we gathered up almost all of the patterns that have ever been printed in SAW Dust, and placed them on the CD also. A few were left out intentionally. The reason for that was because that particular pattern is now offered for sale. At the time it was printed in SAW Dust, the artist was new and just getting started. We thank them for their generous donation of a pattern to SAW Dust, but did not wish to take away any sales they might make with their product.
In total, the CD contains over 200 pictures organized into several slide shows, and over 60 patterns. An absolute bargain at a price of $5.95.

SAW Conference 2002:
May 18 and 19 found us all in Escondido, CA working to make SAW Conference 2002 a success. With the aid of two Local Chapters of SAW, we had a lot of fun and met a lot of great new scrollers on the West Coast of the country. We had the opportunity to learn how to do Intarsia from Lucille Crabtree, and how to use a router from Judy "The Router Lady".


2001 Happenings

Scrollsaw Contests sponsored by SAW and Creative Woodworks and Crafts:
As a result of the conversations that were held the previous year. SAW took the opportunity of holding a Scrollsaw Contest at each of the Scrollsaw Picnics this year. Creative Woodworks and Crafts magazine joined with SAW in sponsoring this event. Each of the picnic hosts was contacted and agreed to provide space for the contest.  Anticipation, excitement, and fear filled our days until the first contest was held at the Tennesse Scrollsaw Picnic. The co-sponsorship of the contest allowed for more advertising through the magazine. SAW provided the workers to manage the contest and two of the judges. CWWC provided the third judge. Both SAW and CWWC provided the prizes for the contest with SAW providing the ribbons.
It was a major success. There were more items entered into this contest than were entered at SAW Conference the year before. Scrollers liked being able to do a little more than just put their projects onto a brag table. This was an opportunity for them to really see how their work would be rated against others work. And they took advantage of the opportunity.
By the time we got to the Pennsylvania Scrollsaw picnic, anticipation was running high. In spite of some rainy weather, entries were good for the contest and many people enjoyed having this venue added to the picnic schedule.
Our last contest for the year was at Joe Diveley's picnic in August. Over 100 items were entered into the contest and the judges had an extremely difficult time determining the winner. The statement was made that there had to be at least 15 to 20 "Gallery Quality" items entered in this contest. What we couldn't determine was why the quality of the items entered took such a huge jump up, but the bar was raised a lot from previous contests. CWWC was very thrilled to be able to talk to several people about their projects and found several for inclusion in future issues of the magazine.  Pat Lupori was extremely pleased that she didn't have to judge the entries, but only accept them into the contest and manage the details. Winning any kind of a ribbon at this contest was a great honor, because there were so many great projects entered.
We learned a lot from hosting the contests. Each time a contest was held we made small changes to the judging method, bookkeeping method, and project handling. The number of categories was limited in order to be able to handle it in a one day venue.  Small refinements may continue to be added, but the co-sponsorship was enough of a success that both SAW and CWWC want to continue to host the Scrollsaw contest at future scrollsaw events.
SAW promotional items:
In the past SAW has produced T-shirts with the SAW logo on it. This year, we added to that a sport shirt with a collar. The logo is much smaller and is a very nice looking shirt. In spite of the fact that our first order for the shirt burned up in a fire at the factory, we managed to get these items before the first picnic of the year. Luckily no one was hurt in the fire, and the factory is being rebuilt.  We were very pleased with the look of the new Sport Shirt and hope to continue it for some time.
Scrollsaw Workshop Magazine Open House
Fox Chapel Publishing (founders of the Scrollsaw Workshop Magazine) held an open house in late March at their publishing headquarters. This is something they have done for the carving side for several years, but was their first time with a group of scrollers.  This two day event gave many people the opportunity to meet two of the newest scrollsaw authors around: Gary Browning of scrollsaw portrait fame, and Diana Thompson, of 3-D scrolling fame. In addition, John and Joyce Nelson, Tony Burns, Barry Gross, Chuck Olson, Ray Seymour (Seyco), Ron Posten (Hegner), Ernie Melton (Eclipse) and many others participated as vendors.  The open house was a major success. Scrollers from as far away as Alaska made the trip to attend. And they were not disappointed when they got there. We are hoping that this can become an annual event, because it sure looks like there are a lot of scrollers willing to make the trip to attend.
Tennessee Scrollsaw Picnic:
David and Rhonda Sloan (Sloan's Woodworking) held their second Scrollsaw Picnic at the local fairgrounds this year. In spite of the larger location, they still gathered major crowds of people attending. It was a fantastic event and had more vendors than before. Two rooms of vendors. There was plenty of room for people to move around and see and talk to everyone they wished to.  The contest held a lot of interest also and was very well received.
Pennsylvania Scrollsaw Picnic:
Dale was not blessed with good weather this year, but in spite of the rain, everyone had a fantastic time. Dale has such a nice location to hold his picnic, but for the first time "Mother Nature" did not comply with his request for good weather. Almost 50 items were entered into the Scrollsaw Contest. Attendance at the picnic was low, probably because of the weather, but everyone who came had a fantastic time.
Illinois Scrollsaw Picnic:
Joe and Sarah Diveley held their picnic in early August.  SAW was in attendance and sponsored the Scrollsaw Contest with CWWC magazine. It became very obvious early in the day that we had not planned enough space for the number of items that were being entered in the contest. Luckily we managed to squeeze another 15 feet of space along a wall. Thanks to all of the vendors who gave us a little extra room to make this possible.  We were overwhelmed by this contest in a couple of ways. First of all, the sheer number of entries. And secondly, by the quality of the items being entered.  The newsletter had printed several articles on what kinds of things judges were looking for in a contest. Rick Hutcheson had written an article which he placed on his web site on the same subject. This particular contest was a milestone. Apparently people had been watching and learning. The bar for quality was definitely raised at this contest.  From the time of the first official contest sponsored by SAW at SAW Conference the year before to now was like night and day.  Only the judges were dismayed by this. The process of judging took only about an hour to an hour and a half at previous contests. They spent over two hours determining the winner of this contest.  They were forced to get very, very, very picky in order to select a winner.  Somehow I think it is going to get more difficult to find judges in the future as a result. They really had to work this time around.
Swedish Scrollsaw Picnic:
Gunnar Asplund hosted this event in Sweden.  We were unable to attend personally, but the pictures that Gunnar sent were magnificent.  More people are learning of Gunnar's picnic and the size of the crowd he is drawing is growing. They moved to a different location this year and still filled the available space. You will have to look at the pictures that Gunnar sent to judge for yourself. SAW again sent door prizes to help support this event in Sweden. Someday we will actually be able to send someone to attend.


2000 Happenings

SAW Conference 2000
The pivotal event for the year 2000 was the addition of SAW Conference to the list of scrolling events being held. This, our inaugural venture, event was held in Cedar Rapids, IA in early April.  A great deal of planning went into putting on this event and everything went rather smoothly.  In spite of "Mother Nature" attempting to side track the whole thing by putting on a winter display the day before. Vendors were setting up through a snow storm that accumulated to 6". 
Our visitors from the Southern states were dismayed by having to travel through this bizarre situation, but they also persevered and now they too can say that they survived the April Blizzard of 2000.
Patrick Spielman, John and Joyce Nelson, Dirk and Karen Boelman, were just a few of the scrollsaw authors in attendance. Fox Chapel Publishing and Creative Woodworks and Crafts magazine also had booths at the event. As well as the major scrollsaw vendors, Hegner, RBI, PS Woods. RBI and PS Woods donated scrollsaws to be raffled off, and we had so many donated items for door prizes that Joe and Sarah Diveley were constantly announcing winners through the two days of the event.
John and Joyce Nelson taught a full day seminar on basic scrollsawing, Sheila Bergner ("Toys In The Attic") taught some basic tole painting. In addition seminars were given by Pat Spielman, Barry Gross, and renowned carver Kurt Curtis.
SAW president Joan West can be duly proud of the results of all of her hard work in organizing and pulling this event together.
In May of 2000, SAW received notice from the Federal government that we had been granted 501(c) status. This was a goal that Jack Firse had worked tirelessly to achieve since 1997.
Tennessee Scrollsaw Picnic:
David and Rhonda Sloan (Sloan's Woodworking) joined the list of people hosting a Scrollsaw picnic by putting on this event in Lebanon, TN. I think they were a little surprised at the response that they received. Almost 600 people showed up for the day long event. And a surprise visit by Judy Gale Roberts and Jerry Booher was enjoyed by all.
This was an opportunity for a large group of people who had been chatting on the internet to finally meet each other in person for the first time. And they took advantage of the opportunity. David and Rhonda provided a meeting room on Friday night before the picnic and some of those folks just didn't want to leave and go to bed. The latest I heard of anyone staying was till 3 AM, and still they were up and at the picnic site by 8 AM
Cameras were running full tilt as you saw flash's going off all day long as people admired the brag tables and the vendors exhibits. This was a great event and we hope that David and Rhonda continue this for many years to come.
Pennsylvania Scrollsaw Picnic:
Back to the Grandaddy of them all. The Pennsylvania Scrollsaw Picnic where all of the picnic events originated from and the birthplace of the idea for the Scrollsaw Association of the World.  This was like coming home.
Dale Whisler put on another great event, in spite of the heat.  We met some old friends and made some new friends there. Richard Scarlett showed up to meet SAW and we found out why his pictures in Santa Claus costume look so authentic....he really is Santa Claus. So when you see a picture of Santa on the SAW site, be advised that Santa (AKA Richard Scarlett) is having just as much fun as anyone else who scrolls.
It was on the way home from this picnic, that the idea of SAW holding a contest at the picnics was born. An official contest. We had learned a lot from the two impromptu contests held at Joe Diveley's picnic in the past. Our first official contest was held at SAW Conference just this spring. But we needed to do a lot of planning and figure out how to make this work in a one-day event.  Work had begun from this point though.
Illinois Scrollsaw Picnic:
Joe and Sarah Diveley held their event in early August.  SAW sponsored a seminar at this event with a panel consisting of Patrick Speilman, Chuck Olson, and Pat Lupori to answer questions about scrolling in general. It was very well received, plus it gave people the opportunity to sit for an hour.  Pat was a last minute addition to the panel as the individual selected could not attend this picnic at the last minute. It was a situation where Pat was amongst some very "big" people in scrolling and felt like small potatoes. These people may have large names in the industry, but more genuine and nice people you will never meet. They made her feel welcome and a part of the panel right from the beginning.
In addition to the normal picnic events, Joe holds a dinner on the Friday before the start of the picnic.  Success breeds its own problems though as more than 100 people wanted to attend this dinner. But scrollers are some of the most gracious people on the face of this planet. All went very well, and everyone had a fantastic time.
Camping together was the new part of this picnic. A large group of scrollers decided to all camp together at the picnic and turned a one day event into a three day party.  They brought their dogs, and firewood, and saws and camp chairs and generally invited anyone who wanted to to stop in and visit. 
California Scrollsaw Picnic:
Joanne and Max Lockwood hosted their second Scrollsaw picnic in Sacramento, CA. SAW had the opportunity to attend this event for the first time.  With very little advertising Joanne enticed over 300 people to show up and they all learned what a fantastic, energetic person Joanne is. Vernon Brown from Wooden Teddy Bear attended with ALL of his patterns, and we had the opportunity to see and purchase some of the best burl wood around from D & D Wood out of Cottonwood, CA.
With Joanne's interest in Tole Painting, there was a lot more of that at this picnic than I have seen at any of the other picnics, and it was very interesting. Joanne and Pat Spielman judged a contest at this picnic also.  The contest was not advertised so the entry was small, but those entries were very well done. More conversation was held in the planning of SAW's future contests at these events.
Swedish Scrollsaw Picnic:
Gunnar Asplund hosted this event in Sweden.  We were unable to attend personally, but the pictures that Gunnar sent were magnificent.  It sounded like the Swedes know how to throw a party as well as the Americans. Their scrolling abilities are definitely up there with the very best.  Allers magazine and Hegner Corporation were just two of the vendors who attended and participated in the picnic.  Someday SAW will manage to send someone to participate also, but in the meantime we were happy to send some items for door prizes and to support Gunnar in holding the event. We also did our best to help advertise and spread the word to other scrollers who live a lot closer to there than we are. Great job Gunnar!


1999 Happenings

By the beginning of April, 1999 we had a total of 500 members of the Scrollsaw Association of the World. This was done with little or no advertising. Thanks to the generosity of individuals like Pat Spielman and Dirk Boelman for mentioning us in their newsletters, and to the work of companies such as RBI and Hegner for putting forth our membership information to their customers.
Our first Directory was published in February, 1999. This informative booklet has been an immediate success with our members. The information contained in the Directory allows members to contact each other, find scrollsawing resources, and have an individual copy of the By-Laws of the Organization. With members from around the world, we are truly an "International" Scrollsawing Association.
The summer of 1999 found us attending picnics across the country again. The first event that occurred was the Scrollsaw Festival sponsored by Creative Woodworks & Crafts magazine near their home office in New Jersey. This was a splendid three day event that allowed us to talk to many more scrollers from a new part of the country. 
RBIndustries also celebrated their 75th anniversary of manufacturing and selling scroll saws at their home office in Harrisonville, MO. Even though this event was limited to customers of RBI, we had the opportunity to again meet a lot of different people from a different part of the country.
The Pennsylvania picnic was held the same week end as RBI, and I couldn't personally be in two places at one time, but I heard that Dale again had an extremely successful event.
Joe Diveley's Illinois picnic was held in early August. SAW sponsored a Scrollsaw Contest again at this event. Joe has very graciously donated the space to hold this event. This may be the last time that SAW does this at a picnic. We are planning a major event of our own for early in 2000 and are planning on relocating the contest to that venue.
The winners of the Scrollsaw Contest held at Joe's picnic were: Mike Irish, Bill Guimond, Grover Irish, Ben Shack
Another picnic has sprung up near Sacramento, California. This one was sponsored by Joanne and Max Lockwood. Joanne held this event in her back yard with a limited number of people attending. They had so much fun though that another one is being planned for 2000.
Gunnar Asplund also held a Scrollsaw picnic in Sweden. Scrolling is truly an international art. From all reports, this was also a very successful event.  Gunnar is also planning to repeat it in 2000.


1998 Happenings

The Scrollsaw Picnics in the summer of 1998 had a special meaning for the Scrollsaw Association of the World. This was an opportunity to meet so many of the scrollers who joined us when we had little more than an idea and a lot of hope. Plus we had the opportunity to let so many other scrollers know that we existed and were working very hard to be able to help them.
The very First Scroll Saw Contest was held in August, 1998 at Joe Diveley's picnic in Pontiac, Illinois. This was the first opportunity scrollers have ever had to be judged against and with other scrollers. A total of 38 people entered the contest in one of four categories:
Original Design
The judges for this First contest were selected from some of the more prominent names in the Scrolling industry: Dirk Boelman, Bill Guimond, Roy King, Pat Spielman, and Dan Wilckens agreed to judge the entries. The judges had such a difficult decision to make in each category that there was no unanimous selection in any category. All of those entrants who had their work judged as best by any one of the judges, but not selected as a winner, were given an Honorable Mention Certificate. They did make the judging difficult for everyone.
And the winners were:
Bob Ardrey - Beginner
Merle Krugman - Honorable Mention
Ernie Lang - Honorable Mention
David Morris - Honorable Mention
Bob Robinson - Honorable Mention

Mike Burch - Intermediate
Mike Britton - Honorable Mention
John Gillitzer - Honorable Mention
Bob Myers - Honorable Mention

Grover Irish - Advanced
Leroy Knoch - Honorable Mention
Keith Wikoff - Honorable Mention

Robin Wirtz - Original Design
Patti Beach - Honorable Mention
Dan Behnke - Honorable Mention
Ken Potts - Honorable Mention
Joan West - Honorable Mention

In December of 1998, our first election for Board of Director members was held. The first "elected" members of our BOD were Steve Landry of NY, Dave Klimchuck of NY, and Janice Manuel of TN. These BOD members will serve for a three year term. Over the next two years, the volunteers who organized and began the Association will run for election, so that by the beginning of the year 2002, we will have a completely "elected" Board of Directors. These BOD members are voted on by the General Membership, with each member having a vote.

1997 Happenings


An Association for Scroll Sawers. Whose idea was that? The idea was born in Stevens, PA., while Pat Spielman and John Nelson talked to a variety of scrollers.  Dale Whisler held the very first Scroll Saw Picnic in 1993 in Stevens, PA. This picnic was such a success that Dale repeated it the following year, and it continues to this time.
Discussions about forming an association had been held previously at these picnics, but it was not until 1997 that a steering committee was formed to see if this could be accomplished.
By then, Joe Diveley had decided to hold another picnic in Pontiac, IL. This allowed the group trying to form this organization another opportunity to get together and form a core group of volunteers to become our first Board of Directors. It was sitting around a picnic table in Illinois, that SAW was named "Scrollsaw Association of the World" and the first officers were appointed. Then the discussion continued about whether Scroll Saw was one word or two. Well, as you see, it was agreed to be written as one word. In December of 1997, we received our not-for-profit status from the state government. By February of 1998 we had written a set of by-laws that would govern this organization.
The first issue of our Newsletter, SAW Dust, was produced in April, 1998. With the newsletter, we took our first major step into the "Real" World. Our first memberships were accepted in April of 1998. Sioux Scrollers, founded by Mike Moorlach, became the first official Local Chapter of SAW in May of 1998.
By the beginning of April, 1999 we had a total of 500 charter members of the Scrollsaw Association of the World. This was done with little or no advertising. Thanks to the generosity of individuals like Pat Spielman and Dirk Boelman for mentioning us in their newsletters, and to the work of companies such as RBI and Hegner for putting forth our membership information to their customers, our membership grew.
Our first Directory was published in February, 1999. This informative booklet has been an immediate success with our members. The information contained in the Directory allows members to contact each other, find scrollsawing resources, and have an individual copy of the By-Laws of the Organization. With members from around the world, we are truly an "International" Scrollsawing Association.


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