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Is there a need for an Association?

by Pat Lupori, 2005

Many things have changed in scrolling and in the world since SAW was started in 1998. Our world is a much smaller place now, thanks to major news organizations and to the internet. At the same time, scrolling has become a much larger group and scrollers have become much more aware of the fact that there are other scrollers around.  Scrollsaw Picnics have grown from one to several. When SAW first started, you would have been hard pressed to find 200 sites on the internet that was related to scroll sawing. Now those sites can be numbered in the thousands!

We've seen vast improvements in equipment and a veritable explosion of pattern designers. There are people around that are more than willing to help answer any question that anyone may have. Part of this, I would like to think, is because of the existence of SAW...but the internet has also played a very large part in it also.

Some of the changes we have seen have not been to the good of all scrollers, and SAW is attempting to address some of these issues. Pattern sharing is becoming rampant. The internet has made it possible to scan a pattern and share it not with one friend but with thousands. In a lot of instances, the fact that the material being copied is copyrighted seems to be forgotten. For now, there are enough people making patterns that not many people are alarmed by this. But as more and more of our pattern designers decide to quit designing and find some other means of making a living, this practice could spell the beginning of a very dark period for scrolling. Sure, there will always be a few people who are not trying to make a living from it, but some of the best designers are, and they are the ones who suffer the most from pattern sharing. This is just one of the issues where SAW is trying to have an impact in educating scrollers about copyrights and ethical practices.

SAW is also leading the way to spread information about scrolling and attempting to reach out to many people who have never thought of this as a hobby or as more than something just to dabble in. The ACES program is just the first step in finding a new generation of scrollers. We have seen the quality of work produced by scrollers improve tremendously. We have seen the quality of patterns improve as well. We want to see this continue to improve in the future.

Is there still a need for an Association? The answer is "More than ever before!". Saw is ready and willing to help scrolling move forward into the next millennium. Will you be a part of it? Or will you be sitting on the sidelines wondering what has happened with the hobby that you have grown to love.

by Pat Spielman, Author

An association for scrollers gives it's members a home base, a focal point from which everyone will benefit. One of the major member benefits will be the distribution of vital information relevant to improving the art, craft, and business of working with a scroll saw.

With support from memberships, SAW can begin to serve all those associated with scrolling. Valuable information for it's members can be provided in various ways, i.e., newsletters such as SAW Dust, phone, E-Mail and Internet contacts, organized local and international meetings, demonstrations, picnics and other social events coordinated and sponsored by the association at key locations around the globe. The association provides the means for which we can all learn from each other, exchanging information between members of local clubs, between local clubs, and between countries around the world which now, through the Internet and E-Mail, brings us all closer together.

In the not too distant future, I envision an annual directory compiled of member names and addresses, a listing of local clubs as well as suppliers, references and a list of all individuals willing to share, instruct, demonstrate their know-how to other members.

Perhaps another objective might be to actively promote a public awareness of scroll saw work as an art form to attract the interests of buyers of scroll work for museums, galleries, and corporate and personal collections.

There are many, many things an organization such as this can do. It's direction and it's success however, hinges directly upon not only the financial support from memberships, but from membership input and participation as well. For just the price of a very small board or two, you can join today. You'll be glad you did.

by Patti Henes, President, 1998

Have you ever wondered how and where to turn for information on scroll sawing? Wonder if someone in your area would like to purchase lumber together? Where can I purchase Baltic Birch? Are you looking for patterns? What blades should I use for this project? Whom can I ask. This list can go on and on.

With the RESOURCE DIRECTORY that will be available to all SAW members, the above questions and many more would be answered. You will be able to contact other scrollers in your area. Find the items you need to make your scroll saw business or hobby a success.

Local Chapters of SAW will provide a communication network for its members. Giving scrollers a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge about scrollsawing. Chapters will be an important tool for the developing scroller. They will be located around the world.

SAW will be an important tool for every scroller. Come and share in this excitement and join SAW

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