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Most of the Picnics are ran by companies or individuals now, SAW has no control over how these events are ran. When SAW sponsors the SAW Expo these guidelines are normally followed. SAW has tried to give suggestions on how to set up and run an event, but that is all they are is just suggestions or guidelines. If you have any specific questions about an event please contact the event sponsor and get thier answer on how it will be done at their event. Remember each event can be held under different guidelines.


Scrollsaw Contests

Scrollsaw Contest are held at many of the Scrollsaw Picnics. The contest is being seen as an important part of the advancement of scrolling. The contest at each picnic is a separate entity from all other contests.

SAW has set up guidelines for a Scrollsaw Contest but other than at the SAW Expo, SAW has no control of how any other contest is run, or the rules they follow, we only have the guidelines we set up that they are welcome to use. You will need to contact each picnic for the specific rules they plan to follow. In a year when an EXPO is being held by SAW, a two day Scrollsaw Contest is held at the EXPO.



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