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SAW. EXPO is the bi-annual meeting of the members of the Scrollsaw Association of the World, whereby SAW members can meet and join in discussions with the Board of Directors of SAW. This is an opportunity to learn more about the running of the Scrollsaw Association of the World and to participate in your association. In addition, the Board of Directors has a meeting where we are not dependant upon the internet to converse. But an EXPO is much more than meetings. Seminars and Demonstrations are given of some of the latest techniques in scrolling. Vendors from across the country join us and offer their goods to our membership.  A huge Scrollsaw Contest is held with prizes that make the trip to EXPO a valuable experience.

You will have the opportunity to meet with your fellow scrollers, and to speak to those members directly involved in the organization and running of your Association. It's more than a picnic and a little bit less than a convention. It's a good time for everyone who attends, and an event sorely missed by those who could not make the trip.

Often a "Companion Craft" is highlighted at each EXPO. In Iowa, the Companion Craft was carving. In California, the Companion Craft was working with a router. At each event, an attempt is made to add to your woodworking skills and offer a technique that could improve your scrolling tremendously.

Local Chapters get involved in an EXPO also as many of them send at least one representative as a delegate to the EXPO. They can bring up any concerns of their Local Chapter and have direct input to the Board of Directors. In addition, the opportunity to meet with other Local Chapter representatives from around the world can provide invaluable ideas and resources that can then be taken back to their group,.

In addition, this event allows many vendors who market their products to scrollers to showcase their wares and talk to an extremely targeted audience. Seminars are held where attendees have the opportunity to learn and expand their craft.  The opportunity to participate in a Scrollsaw Contest, sponsored by SAW, Creative WoodWorks and Crafts magazine, and ScrollSaw Workshop magazine, allows attendees to display their work and participate in this prestigious judged show.

An attempt will made to move the location of the Expo from one part of the country to another each time, so that more people will have the opportunity to attend at one time or another. Each Expo will be filled with informative demonstrations and seminars, vendors, Scrollsaw Contest, raffles, etc. This will also be an opportunity to hold a regular SAW meeting and allow a face-to-face discussion with the officers and leaders of the Association. If you would like to recommend a location to have SAW hold an EXPO in your area, please check our location requirements. 

We currently plan on keeping with the every other year timing of a SAW EXPO.  We are currently planning for 2014, 2016, 2018, etc. With enough growth in the Association we can make this an annual event, but that is for the future. There is also no known restriction that this must event must only be held in the United States. We are, by name, and by choice, a worldwide Association. If you would like to see this event in your country, then by all means, gather the information from the location requirements and send it along also.

This is an event that you will want to experience at least once. You will not regret having made the effort to attend!

How To Host an Expo

If you would like to recommend a site for a future SAW EXPO, this is the information that you should gather up and send to the Home Office for dispersal to the Board of Directors:
  1. Specify the location. Name of building, address, size and cost of renting. Pictures attached to the proposal would also be helpful. Also include parking capacity.
  2. Suggest a date. Final negotiations with the building owner would be handled by SAW, but it would be helpful if you could determine ahead of time that there are dates when the building would be available within a three month period of time. This proposal must reach SAW at a minimum of 18 months prior to the suggested date.
  3. List the number of potential workers within the area. We need to know what groups/individuals would be available to help man and put on the event. It will help to know if there are 10 workers available or 100.
  4. List extra expenses involved with renting this particular site. Are chairs and tables and electric included in the rental or are they extra expenses. A quote on prices would be most helpful.
  5. List of other attractions within the geographic area. Many people make a vacation trip out of attending, and it is helpful to know if there are other venues that would make this site more appealing as a location.
  6. List of motels and campgrounds and restaurants in the area and if possible, the distance from them to the building location.
  7. Transportation available to the area - Major airports, train, bus, interstates and their proximity to the building location. If there is some distance from say an airport to the venue, are shuttle bus's a possibility.
  8. List the local scrolling resources - Wood suppliers, pattern makers, etc. within reasonable proximity to the building. This can also include other woodworking clubs within the area. This list should also include major personalities with the area that would possibly be willing to do a seminar or demonstration.
  9. List the advertising possibilities within the area: Newspapers, magazines, cable TV, etc.

There should be no expense involved with compiling this information. Final negotiations and costs would be incurred by SAW and not by you locally. If your site is selected, we would ask that you or your group be involved with the planning and assist with the co-ordination of the event. 

Checklist for holding an event. (PDF file)

Expo Manual: This is a guideline of how and who will do the jobs required to put on an Expo.

Call 618-658-0915 if you have any additional questions. You may e-mail this information to SAW EXPO or mail to:

Misty Valestin, Home Office
1001 State Hwy 145 N
Simpson, IL 62985

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