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The first thing you should do is to request a Local Chapter Kit. There is a great deal of information there that can help your efforts to start a Chapter be successful. If you have not yet started a Scrollsaw Club, then check the information to be found here. Once you have your club, the effort to become a Local Chapter of the Scrollsaw Association of the World has been greatly reduced.

Requirements for a Local Chapter

The main requirement to start a Local Chapter is that at least 30% of your Club membership also be members of the Scrollsaw Association of the World.

You will need to write a set of by-laws for your club. This may be something that is already done. If not, part of what you will receive in the Chapter Kit is a sample set of by-laws to help you get started writing this document.

You will need to elect a basic group of officers. Again, this may be something that you have already accomplished. At a minimum, you need a President, and a Secretary. Ideally you should also have a Vice President, Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor.

Once your request for a Chapter Kit has been received, you will be sent a link to where you can download the Kit contents. If you specified that you would prefer to have the material mailed to you, then it will be sent through the US Post Office.

There are two parts (Chapter Application and Membership Roster) of the kit, which must be filled out and returned to SAW. A copy of your bylaws is also required to be included with this material. You can mail this material to the Local Chapter Coordinator or fill out the forms online.

Once approved, a Chapter Charter Certificate will be returned to you. This is your official notification of the status of your Scrollsaw Club as an official Local Chapter of the Scrollsaw Association of the World.

There is no fee associated with the start of a Local Chapter. Irregardless of when your original Charter was obtained, you will have to renew it the following January. There will be a $75 fee when you renew your Charter.

Requirements to Remain a Local Chapter in Good Standing

Each year, your Chapter will be asked to verify that 30% of your membership is a member of the Scrollsaw Association of the World. This verification is necessary in order to maintain the insurance coverage This renewal of your Chapter status must be accomplished before January 31 of each year. There is also a $75 charge associated with that renewal process. You can download the renewal form here and mail it in to the Local Chapter Coordinator, or fill it out online and submit the payment through Pay Pal.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Local Chapter Chairperson.

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