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A Local Chapter is essentially a Scrollsaw Club. Many of the same techniques in forming a Scrollsaw Club will also apply to forming a Local Chapter. In many instances, it may be to your benefit to form a club first, and then later apply to have your club become a Local Chapter of SAW.

The benefits of having a Scrollsaw Club in your community are countless. People coming together with a like interest, sharing idea's and resources, having a place to show off your projects and the good fellowship that comes with friends and family. Additionally, a club can

Steps to organize a Scrollsaw Club

The purpose is to bring together a group of like minded individuals with a common purpose. The scrollsaw provides the purpose. The desire to learn and share what you know creates the mindset.

The people can be found with a variety of interests. They can be friends, fellow scrollers, decorative painters, anyone looking for an enjoyable hobby, or those who have been frustrated by the scrollsaw in the past. They can be found just about anywhere too. A sign posted in a lumber yard, hardware store, hobby shop, tool supply store, a subset of an existing woodworking club.

Have an informal meeting to see how much interest can be generated in the formation of a club. It is not necessary to have large numbers of people initially, even three or four can be enough to get you started. Refreshments are nice, but not a necessity either. Have everyone introduce themselves and explain what they would be looking to gain from this club. Take lots of notes as the answers to that question can help you to decide how to move forward.

Once you have your core group, you can then decide on what would be the best way to go about getting more members. Contact your local paper and ask them to print an article describing your meeting and club formation. If you are asked to write this article, just remember WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE. Answer these questions and you will have your article.

Keep some structure to your meeting, even if it is very informal. If possible, have some small program to demonstrate how much can be learned in your club. You could even use the ACES video for your first meeting. Remember to be flexible, to relax, and to enjoy yourself. Don't forget

KISMIF = Keep it Simple, Make it Fun!

You can request a Chapter Kit from the Scrollsaw Association of the World. This kit will provide additional information that will help you gather more scrollers and give you the information that you need to form a Local Chapter of SAW.

Always remember, the art of the scrollsaw is an acquired skill. You must teach yourself through practice and attention to detail. In a Scrollsaw Club all levels of ability help and support each other. At a Club meeting "Show and Tell" table, everyone can be inspired by what others have accomplished and rise to the challenge of competition. Try as a group to give something back to your community. This can take the form of promotion at Street/Craft Fairs, Workshops where we can teach the craft of Scrolling, or Public demonstations and talks

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