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Why Affiliate with SAW

Jerry Poole, from Orange, CA designed a flyer to explain why a Scrollsaw Club would want to be an official Local Chapter of SAW. We have expanded and reworded some of his thoughts and updated the list with new information that has become available. You have permission to reprint this document as needed.


  1. SAW affiliation gives us immediate credibility by being a part of an international organization that has been in existence since 1998.
  2. SAW has been certified as non profit 501(c)3 organization. This recognition would simplify the process of our chapter gaining the same certification.
  3. As a part of a non-profit organization, our chapter may be able to enter venues such as craft fairs, fundraiser, woodworking shows, etc., at a reduced rate or possibly free.
  4. Our chapter has access to advice and counsel regarding all or any of our activities from the Scrollsaw Association of the World.
  5. SAW communicates with scrollers all over the US and indeed the world through the internet, by mail, and by phone. The SAW annual Directory provides our chapter with the contact information to also communicate with scrollers from around the world.
  6. SAW holds EXPO's and supports individual scrollsaw events where we can meet others from around the world, attend seminars and see the latest in equipment and compete in meaningful competition.
  7. SAW has established guidelines that will assist events or chapters in the process needed to hold a scrollsaw contest.
  8. SAW has a quarterly publication, SAW Dust, aimed at keeping everyone informed of what is happening in the Association plus providing tips and techniques to improve your scrolling. SAW Dust also brings information about what is happening in other Local Chapters as well as providing a few patterns.
  9. Each Local Chapter within the boundaries of the United States and Canada is covered with a General Liability insurance policy for their monthly membership meetings, as soon as the chapter is approved and certified by SAW.
  10. SAW will host your Chapter website provided it is compatible with our server. Second option: You could set up your own host for your Chapter website and SAW will provide a link to your website.
  11. SAW provides a notepad, where each Chapter can post their events and meetings.
  12. The activities of your Chapter are left solely to our discretion. SAW will assist us by providing guidelines that may help our Chapter to grow and improve. SAW will also assist us by informing us of any limitations imposed by the SAW furnished insurance coverage.


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