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What is the purpose of ACES

We know that there are many groups of people out there that do not know about the joys of scrollsawing. Some of these would be Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, 4H. We also could include retirement homes, and senior centers. There are groups everywhere that might have people interested in scrollsawing. ACES is designed to introduce scrollsawing to these groups.

This is not an instructional video, although it could be used for that. The pace of the delivery within the video does not lend itself easily to being instructional. A lot of information is presented within a very short period of time, 20 minutes, to be exact.

How was ACES developed

ACES was designed and created by Rick Hutcheson in the summer of 2004. Rick has graciously given this material to SAW to help to promote scrolling. The copyrights to the patterns used in the video and included in the package were also turned over to SAW.

This is not the usual video where you see more of the person than you do of actual scrolling pictures. Although Rick did film himself in the video, you mainly see his hands while he explains how to scroll and the equipment and materials needed to enjoy this craft. Please check the preview films linked on the right to see for yourself.

How would I use ACES

This program is designed so that anyone can make a half hour presentation to any groups. You can briefly introduce yourself and the video, allow the group to watch the video, and then answer whatever questions the group may have. Anyone can do it with this program.

The idea is to let as many people out there know about the fun and relaxation scrolling can provide. What better way is there for you to get out and enjoy meeting new people. It is all definitely a win-win situation.

Although we do have to charge for your intial copy of ACES, we encourage everyone to make a copy of the video as often as needed. We have tried to keep the cost to a bare minimum, and we are only attempting to recoup the cost of providing the actual VHS or DVD format video.

How would ACES help me

Additional material is provided that would allow you to meet with small groups, or individuals, in your shop to give them a real hands on look at scrollsawing. A complete course syllabus is provided along with practice patterns to help a beginner to learn to use a scrollsaw. The patterns used in the video are also included.

This could be the beginning of providing scrollsaw class's within your community, and building a business for yourself. Or it could be used to find new members for your Scrollsaw Club, or Local Chapter. ACES has been used already to find people wanting to learn who then formed a brand new club.

What is included with ACES

Many of the items included in the package are provided here free of charge. When you order the ACES video, you will receive a printed copy of these materials too. If you need more, do come back here and download a pdf copy of those files so that you can make as many copies as you wish. If you teach a class in beginning scrolling, these items might be of use to you in your class. Or they can be used as a demonstration project at a club meeting

How much does ACES cost

Ideally we would like to be able to provide this video to you for FREE. Reality says that this just isn't possible at this time. Attempts are being made to find funding for this project, and if that can be developed, then ACES will be FREE to everyone. In the meantime, we do have to charge for the actual material and cost of shipping.

We do encourage you to make as many copies of this video as you may wish. All material is copyrighted, so you may not sell the copies, but you can give them to anyone who is willing to promote scrolling. Order it for your Scrollsaw Club or Local Chapter and make your own copies so that everyone in the club will have access to it.

Video Sample


Short previews of the video can be seen here.

Preview 1
Preview 2
Preview 3
Preview 4
Preview 5
Preview 6


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Any question or comments on this program are welcome:  E-mail your comments to Rick Hutcheson

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