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In our recent history, SAW could only offer a Scrollsaw Contest when one or more of our Board of Director members were present to organize and run the contest. For some time now, we have been working on a way of offering a SAW sponsored contest at more venues. The situation existed though, that it would not be possible for one or more Board of Director members to attend each event. Therefore, we have developed a procedure by which any SAW member can run a contest for a particular event. With this package, a member should be able to organize and run a Scrollsaw Contest under the SAW Guidelines. While this does not mean SAW will not attend your event. SAW will continue to provide the Guidelines. A Scrollsaw Contest has proven to be a very successful addition to a Scrollsaw Picnic or other Scrollsaw event.

The contest at each picnic is separate from all other contests. Individuals sponsor the picnics and these are the people to contact for information on a specific picnic. If you send the form at the bottom of this page, SAW will assist you in advertising your contest/event through the web site and SAW Dust. SAW cannot be held responsible if these Guidelines are not followed. If any questions should arise, they should be addressed to the Contest Chairman or Picnic Sponsor.

All entry fees will now be collected and used by the group running the contest and can be used for the purchase of additional awards for the winners in each of the contest categories. Any donations collected from vendors are welcome additions to this resource of additional awards.

Scrollsaw Contest Guidelines

The SAW Contest program is designed to allow any hosting group to have a Scrollsaw Contest under SAW Guidelines at their event. SAW has developed guidelines and procedures to provide for consistency in the way a Scrollsaw contest is run. If you use the SAW Contest Guidelines, we would like to have you display and hand out SAW literature. With the addition of the Literature Display Stand, this can be accomplished with very little manpower or space. Someone must keep the display filled with the appropriate paperwork.

The Contest links below provide all of the information needed and picture examples to help run a Scrollsaw Contest. Look the program over during the planning stage of an event to allow yourself time to consider the resources needed to run a contest.

Please read all of this information carefully. If you have any questions, the main contact would be the Home Office. Any of the BOD members may also be contacted with questions.

You have agreed to:

If you send a list of the winners and photographs of winners of major ribbons (preferably with their projects) to SAW, they will be used for the web page and in SAW Dust. The number of pictures published in SAW Dust will depend on the amount of space available. Pictures should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

Below this are links to all of the information and picture examples that you should need. If you have previously run a contest, then you should all ready have those items in your possession, but check for updated versions. Please note that an additional category was added to the contests in 2007. You may need to make additional Category signs as a result of this change.

Written Guidelines on how the Contest should be run.
You will need to provide:
Information you will need:

Notification of a Contest for submission onto Webpage and Into SawDust

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Event Information

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