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What is SAW Dust:

"SAW Dust" is the official newsletter for the Scrollsaw Association of the World. The newsletter is published quarterly in 

What information can be found here:

Sample Copy of SAW Dust:

You can request a sample copy of SAW Dust by filling out the form on the right and then clicking on the button at the bottom to pay the $5 charge for the sample. When you join SAW, deduct the $5 from your membership dues and pay the balance. If you prefer not to use Pay Pal, you can send a check for $5 along with your name and address to

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Misty Valestin, Home Office
1001 State Hwy 145 N
Simpson, IL 62985

What kinds of information can I expect to find in the SAW newsletter:

The newsletter is the primary means for the Association home office to communicate with its members. You will often find a note from the President of the Scrollsaw Association of the World to the members. There is always an article about the Local Chapters and what they are doing.  This is where we post the first announcements of any new events or activities. 

In October you will learn who your candidates are for positions on the Board of Directors and cast your ballot either from the website or via the printed ballot in the October newsletter.. In January, the results of the election, to the Board of Directors is printed. You can order merchandise with the SAW logo from the newsletter. Occasionally, you will also find a survey where you can provide feedback to the Board of Directors on issues of interest to the Association.

In addition to news of the Association, you will also find some very useful articles on a variety of subjects. The newsletter is not filled with an over-abundance of advertisers to distract you from your reading, but a very select group of advertisers is present to offer their wares and services to all of our members, often with specials that are available only to SAW members.  Sometimes with specials that are only available to SAW members. 

As we grow, we plan to make the newsletter a very credible source of scrolling information and sharing.  In the near future, plan on seeing a variety of new pages: a brag page, a swap page, patterns (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), challenge/contest pages, member highlights, chapter highlights, vendor highlights, pattern maker highlights and some we probably have not thought of yet.  Member can feel free to let the editor know of ideas for special pages they'd like to see. 

SAW Dust will 
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