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President - Misty Valestin
Vice President - Larry West
Secretary - Ron Raff
Treasurer - Hal Shearer

Hal Shearer Phone  801-225-5411
Misty Valestin Phone  618-658-0915
Lee Neiden Phone 330-356-2408
Ronald Raff Phone 605-376-5795
Larry West Phone 719-599-4448

Misty Valestin, Home Office
1001 State Hwy 145 N
Simpson, IL 62985

Misty Valestin - Home Office

Phone: 618-658-0915
E-Mail: SAW

Committee Contacts

A.C.E.S Committee . -Misty Valestin
Advertising Committee -Lee Neiden
Budget Committee -Hal Shearer
By-Laws / Office Manual Committee -Misty Valestin
Local Chapter / Opportunity Grant Committee -
Merchandise Committee -
Expo Committee - Lee Neiden
Portable Booth and Contest Manual Committee -
Scholarship Program Committee -Misty Valestin
Special Affairs Committee -
Web site Committee - Rick Hutcheson
Membership - Misty Valestin


If you have questions about the web site, send a note to the Webmaster.

Additional Contacts

SAW Dust Editor - 330-356-2408
Lee Neiden
 893a White Pine Drive
 Akron, OH 44313

Advertising Manager -
SAW Sales -
Local Chapter Co-ordinator - Misty Valestin
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