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The forum, that was on the old SAW site, has been discontinued due to very little use by the members.

There are several e-mail lists that deal with scrolling in one way or another. The following is a list of links where you may sign up for these groups. Most require that you sign up for a YAHOO™ or an MSN™ ID. Some of these groups are not very active. Others are VERY active. Choose accordingly, but you will learn more from a more active group with members willing to post questions and answers.

After joining you might want to change your options to receive the list in "Digest" format. Selecting that option will limit your e-mails from the list to one a day, with all the messages for that day contained on the message. Otherwise you will get an individual e-mail each time that someone posts to the list. Additionally, if the digest format still brings more e-mail than you want to handle, you can choose to read the discussions from their web site.

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