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Alabama 2006

May 6, 2006

First Place Winners in Contest:

Open Category - Basic Class:                 Jessica Behar, GA, Cat
Open Category - Intermediate Class:        Jim Prince, AL, Deer Scene
Open Category - Complex Class:             John Jackson, TN, Dulcimer

Intarsia Category - Basic Class:               Livy Jackson, TN, Pug
Intarsia Category - Intermediate Class:     George North, GA, Donald Duck
Intarsia Category - Complex Class:          George North, GA, Last Supper

Fretwork Category - Basic Class:             Jim Prince, AL, Nativity Clock
Fretwork Category - Intermediate Class:    Dave Glen, TN, Elephant Family
Fretwork Category - Complex Class:         Dave Glen, TN, Wolves

Best of Class Winners:

Basic Class:                   Jim Prince, AL, Nativity Clock
Intermediate Class:          Dave Glen, TN, Elephant Family
Complex Class:               Dave Glen, TN, Wolves

Best In Show Winner:              Dave Glen, TN, Wolves

Scroller's Choice Award:            Michael Rocker,  , Lord's Prayer

Best Jr. Scroller:            Jessica Behar, GA , Cat



Dave Glen, TN, Wolves
 First Place Fretwork Complex
Best In Class - Complex
Best in Show
Jim Prince, AL, Nativity Clock
First Place Fretwork Basic
Best In Class - Basic
Dave Glen, TN, Elephant Family
First Place Fretwork Intermediate
Best In Class - Intermediate
Michael Rocker, Lord's Prayer
Scroller's Choice
  Jessica Baher, GA, 8 yrs old
Best Jr. Scroller
  Michael Rocker - Winner
Scroller's Choice Award

The following individuals placed in the contest with either a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place award:

Open Basic

2nd Placeno other entries

Open Intermediate

2nd Placeno other entries

Open  Complex

2nd Place -  George North, GA, Inlay Table
3rd Placeno other entries

Intarsia Basic

2nd Placeno other entries

Intarsia Intermediate

2nd Place -  name, st, project
3rd Place -  name, st, project
4th Place -  name, st, project

Intarsia Complex

2nd Place -  George North, GA, Deer
3rd Placeno other entries

Fretwork  Basic

2nd Place -  Monty Channel,  , Fish
3rd Place -  Monty Channel,  , Deer
4th Place -  George Mayne,  , Indian Chief

Fretwork Intermediate

2nd Place -  Paul Clark,  , Deer
3rd Place -  Dave Glen, TN, Tigers
4th Place -  Jim Prince, AL, Squirrel

Fretwork  Complex

2nd Place -  George Mayne,  , Old Mill
3rd Place -  Aaron Behar, GA, Angel Clock
4th Place -  Michael Rocker,  , Lord's Prayer

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