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Illinios 1998

Prior to our first contest at SAW Conference 2000, we experimented with a contest format at the Pontiac, IL Scrollsaw Picnic.

The contests were well received, in spite of the fact that there was no advance advertising of it. Entrants found out about the contest as they arrived at the picnic and had to decide whether or not to enter one of their items from their "Brag" table. Many of them did decide to enter.

1998 Contest and Winners

Our first contest had probably our Most prestigious panel of judges. Patrick Spielman, Dirk Boelman, Dan Wilckens and Roy King judged the event. They all commented on just how difficult it was to select from the entries. They each voted for their first place project, and a second place. We totalled the number of votes each project got for first place. If there was a tie, then we added in the number of votes that project got for second place to determine the winners. A certificate for Honorable Mention was given to everyone who got a vote in each category. Each of the judges signed a group of certificates, so that the people receiving them got at least one autograph of a judge.

And the 1998 Winners were.....

Beginner Category - Bob Ardrey
Intermediate Category - Mike Burch
Advanced Category - Grover Irish
Original Design Category - Robin Wirtz


Honorable Mention Certificates were given to Ernie Lang, David Morris, Bob Robinson, and Merle Krugman in the Beginner Category; Mike Britton, Bob Myers, and John Gillitzer in the Intermediate Category; Keith Wikoff and Leroy Knock in the Advanced Category; and Patti Beach, Dan Behnke, Ken Potts, and Joan West in the Original Design Category. Our congratulations go out to each of the winners and to the Honorable Mention winners. Our thanks go out to all of those who entered the contest and made it such a success.


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