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Michigan 2003

First Place Winners in Contest:

Open Category - Basic Class:                 Jesse D. Montgomery, MO, Angel 3D
Open Category - Intermediate Class:        Bill Heitman, AZ, Jewelry Box
Open Category - Complex Class:             Annja Starrett, OH, Castle

Intarsia Category - Basic Class:               Dan Altiery, IL, Pup In Basket
Intarsia Category - Intermediate Class:     Annja Starrett, OH, Fox
Intarsia Category - Complex Class:          Annja Starrett, OH, Bald Eagle

Fretwork Category - Basic Class:             Durward Burress, PA, Western Indian
Fretwork Category - Intermediate Class:    Bill Magee, MI, Buffalo Clock
Fretwork Category - Complex Class:         Ron Cowan, OH, "Jesus Life" Picture

Best of Class Winners:

Basic Class:                   Dan Altiery, IL, Pup In Basket
Intermediate Class:          Bill Heitman, AZ, Jewelry Box
Complex Class:               Annja Starrett, OH, Castle

Best In Show Winner:              Annja Starrett, OH, Castle

Scroller's Choice Award:            Carl Roscher, IL, Eagle With Banner


Annja Starrett of OH pictured with her Best In Show project. Dan Altiery of IL won the Basic Class with his Intarsia Pup Bill Heitman of AZ won the Intermediate Class with his Open Class Jewelry Box Carl Roscher of IL won Scroller's Choice with his Intarsia Eagle with Banner

The following individuals placed in the contest with either a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place award:

Fretwork - Basic

Second Place           Bill Moore, ON - Canada - Spiderman Portrait
Third Place                Josh Helgerson, WI - Giraffe
Fourth Place             Bernard Boyel , IN - Light House Clock

Fretwork - Intermediate

Second Place          Ron Cowan, OH - Christmas Ornament
Third Place              James LaBenne, MI - Violin Clock
Fourth Place           Ron Cowan, OH - Statue of Liberty Feather

Fretwork Complex

Second Place        Ron Cowan, OH - Isaiah 40:31 Religious Pictures
Third Place            Grover Irish, MI - Swiss Clock
Fourth Place         Mike Irish, MI - French Lyre Clock

Intarsia - Basic

Second Place      Dan Altiery, IL - Tweety Bird
Third Place           Jerry Donohue, MI - Kangaroo
Fourth Place         Insuffiient entries for this award

Intarsia - Intermediate

Second Place       Annja Starrett, OH - Draft Horse
Third Place           Dan Altiery, IL - Garden Gnome
Fourth Place        Al Keteman, MI - Girl

Intarsia - Complex

Second Place       Bob Wills, IL - Hugs
Third Place            Ron Johnson, MI - Eagle's Soaring
Fourth Place         Al Keteman, MI - Eagle

Open- Basic

Second Place     Bob Kirby, IL - Panda
Third Place           Insufficient entries for this award
Fourth Place        Insufficient entries for this award

Open - Intermediate

Second Place      Bill Heitman, AZ - Heart Box
Third Place          Jerry Crim, IN - Basket
Fourth Place        Bill Heitman, AZ - Butterfly Box

Open - Complex

Second Place       Jerry Donohue, MI - Motor Cycle
Third Place            Rich Elliott, MI - US Coin Map
Fourth Place         Jerry Donohue, MI - Bug Intarsia

Award of Merit

The following individuals received at least one vote from one judge for a first thru 4th place ranking, but not enough to achieve a rank. They have been presented with an Award of Merit to honor their achievements.

Jesse D. Montgomery, MO - Fretwork Basic - Leaf Wolf
Dave Earl, MI - Fretwork Intermediate - Howling Wolf Clock
Jesse D. Montgomery, MO - Fretwork Intermediate - Wizard
Bill Moore, ON Canada - Fretwork Intermediate - Paul Tracy Portrait
Jerry Crim, IN - Fretwork Complex - Lighthouse
Jeff Herr, MI - Fretwork Complex - Pheasant Burl
Grover Irish, MI - Fretwork Complex - Nautical Shelf
Carl Roscher, IL - Intarsia Complex - Eagle with Banner


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