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Missouri 2005

First Place Winners in Contest:

Open Category - Basic Class:                 Bob Brundage, CA, Compound Cut Deer
Open Category - Intermediate Class:        Benjamin Fink, PA, Basket
Open Category - Complex Class:             Kenneth Younker, OK, Red Oak/Walnut Basket

Intarsia Category - Basic Class:               Steve Edwards, TX, Soccer Ball w/clock
Intarsia Category - Intermediate Class:      James Coleman, GA, Blue Heron
Intarsia Category - Complex Class:           Kirk Pryor, MN, African Adventure

Fretwork Category - Basic Class:             Wayne Bechthold, MO, Scripture Plaque
Fretwork Category - Intermediate Class:    Loren Denny, MO, Bible Box
Fretwork Category - Complex Class:         Pat Bergman, MO, Floral Pendulum

Best of Class Winners:

Basic Class:                   Wayne Bechthold, MO, Scripture Plaque
Intermediate Class:          Benjamin Fink, PA, Basket
Complex Class:               Pat Bergman, MO, Floral Pendulum

Best In Show Winner:              Kirk Pryor, MN, African Adventure

Scroller's Choice Award:            Ashley Harvey, MO, Dome Clock

Best Jr. Scroller :         Ashley Harvey, MO, Dome Clock



Kirk Pryor, MN,
Best In Show
Wayne Bechthold, MO
Best In Class, Basic
Benjamin Fink, PA
Best In Class, Intermediate
Pat Bergman, MO,
Best In Class, Complex
Grouping of First Place winners Ashley Harvey, MO
Scroller's Choice
Best Junior Scroller
Grouping of First Place Winners

The following individuals placed in the contest with either a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place award:

Junior Award Winners

2nd Place - Peter Ort, OK, Birdhouse Clock
3rd Place - Peter Ort, OK, Fretwork Bear
4th Place - Dan Coble, MO, Cowboy
5th Place - Dan Coble, MO, Water Mill in Frame

Open Basic

2nd Place - Jim McGraw, MO, Pelican Puzzle
3rd Place - Jim McGraw, MO, Praying Hands
4th Place - William Miller, OH, Dinosaur Puzzle

Open Intermediate

2nd Place - Steve Edwards, TX, Soccer Plaque
3rd Place - Dennis Uthe, SD, Mexican Skull
4th Place - Larry Brewer, MS, Rooster

Open Complex

2nd Place -  Loren Denny, MO, Fruit Bowl
3rd Place - Wayne Phipps, TN, Dog Marquetry
4th Place - Dennis Uthe, SD, Moose

Intarsia Basic

2nd Place -  Jack Hatcher, TN, Country Barn
3rd Place - Jack Hatcher, TN, Bunny Rabbit
4th Place - Jack Heyman, MO, Tiger

Intarsia Intermediate

2nd Place -  Sharon Whitlow, MI, Tiger
3rd Place -  Jeff Heying, MO, Mountain Man
4th Place -  Jerry Payne, MO, Eagle

Intarsia Complex

2nd Place -  James Coleman, GA, Vase of Roses
3rd Place -  Sharon Whitlow, MI, Indian
4th Place -  Sharon Whitlow, MI, Lion

Fretwork  Basic

2nd Place -  William Miller, OH, Floral Design Plaque
3rd Place -  Bill Coons, TN, Rose
4th Place -  Lyndal Hutcherson, TX, Jesus & Lamb

Fretwork Intermediate

2nd Place -  Vic McDonald, IL, Reverse Half Dollar
3rd Place -  Charles Flynn, AR, Jesus Praying
4th Place -  Dennis Uthe, SD, Mickey Mouse Salt/Pepper

Fretwork  Complex

2nd Place -  Pat Bergman, MO, Florentine Clock
3rd Place -  Roger Tipton, AR, Moose Antler
4th Place -  Wilbur Ferrin, MO, Fish

Award of Merit Winners - These projects received at least one vote from a judge towards a winning place, but not enough votes to actually win a placement. The Award of Merit indicates this achievement.

Marion Paul, IL, Never Forgotten
Jeff Blalack,
TX, America Will Always Remember
Wilbur Ferrin, MO, Twin Granddaughters
Jim McGraw, MO, Eagle Clock
Bob Spurlin, TX, Photo Frame
Dennis Uthe, SD, Eagle Head
Marion Paul, IL, Lord's Supper
Norm Nichols, TX, Turkey
Jerry Payne, MO, Covered Bridge
KIrk Pryor, MN, Big Foot Clown
Jerry Payne, MO, Rifleman
Vic McDonald, IL, Golden Lamb & Duck
Lyndal Hutcherson, TX, Old Mill
Larry Brewer, MS, Cat
Wayne Phipps, TN, Walnut Marquetry Box
Dennis Uthe, SD, Elk Log
Jimmy Prince, AL, Eagle Clock
Steve Garrison, GA, Brace of Dueling Pistols


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