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PA 2003

June 14 and 15, 2003

First Place Winners in Contest:

Open Category - Basic Class:                 Steve Novak, PA, Accounting Business Sign
Open Category - Intermediate Class:        Lew Kaufmann, PA,  Pins and Bola - Set of 7
Open Category - Complex Class:             Dave Ebeling, PA, Inlay Eagle

Intarsia Category - Basic Class:               Janet Anderson, WV, Gander
Intarsia Category - Intermediate Class:     Carl Roscher, IL, Cougar
Intarsia Category - Complex Class:          Lawrence Baudouin, LA, White Tiger

Fretwork Category - Basic Class:             George Gilbert, PA, Twin Dragons
Fretwork Category - Intermediate Class:    Tom Mullane, MD, Walnut Bass
Fretwork Category - Complex Class:         Ed and Flo Leitgeb, NY, Fireplace Screen

Best of Class Winners:

Basic Class:                   George Gilbert, PA, Twin Dragons
Intermediate Class:          Carl Roscher, IL, Cougar
Complex Class:               Dave Ebeling, PA, Inlay Eagle

Best In Show Winner:              Dave Ebeling, PA, Inlay Eagle

Scroller's Choice Award:            Ed and Flow Leitgeb, NY, Fireplace Screen


Dave Ebeling, PA
Open Inlay Eagle
Best in Complex - Best In Show
Ed & Flo Leitgeb, NY
Fretwork - Summer Dreams Fireplace Screen Pattern by Robin Wirtz
Scroller's Choice
Carl Roscher, IL
Intarsia Cougar
Best in Intermediate
George Gilbert, PA
Fretwork Twin Dragons
Best in Basic

The following individuals placed in the contest with either a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place award:

Fretwork - Basic

Second Place           George Gilbert, PA - Deer Shelf
Third Place                Tom Mullane, MD - Cocobolo Indian
Fourth Place             Susan Valerien , MD - Bluebird Leaf

Fretwork - Intermediate

Second Place          Harry Savage, NY - Pope John II
Third Place              Joseph Preston, NY - Large Eagle Head
Fourth Place           Alan Shaw, PA - Williamsburg Clock

Fretwork Complex

Second Place        John Graham, VA - Chimes of Normandy
Third Place            Ralph Volk, SC - Victorian Queen
Fourth Place         Ed & Flo Leitgeb, NY - Flight of Fancy

Intarsia - Basic

Second Place      Janet Anderson, WV - Doberman
Third Place           Janet Anderson, WV - Buck
Fourth Place         (insufficient entries for a fourth place award)

Intarsia - Intermediate

Second Place       Lawrence Baudouin, LA - Mule
Third Place            Janet Anderson, WV - Elephant Head
Fourth Place         Janet Anderson, WV - Flying Eagle

Intarsia - Complex

Second Place       JoAnne Strayer, PA - St Bernard
Third Place            Lawrence Baudouin, LA - Eagle
Fourth Place         JoAnne Strayer, PA - Red Tailed Hawkl

Open- Basic

Second Place      Joseph Bittner, MD - Tall Candles
Third Place           Joseph Bittner, MD - Candles
Fourth Place         Bill Elder, MA - Dragon Puzzle

Open - Intermediate

Second Place      Murray Newton, CT - Corian Basket
Third Place          Hy Nadel, NJ - Zebra
Fourth Place        M. Freitag, NY - Bear

Open - Complex

Second Place       Barry Gross, PA - Noah's Ark
Third Place            Bill Heitman, AZ - Jewelry Box with Coral Inlay
Fourth Place         insufficient entries for this award

Award of Merit

The following individuals received at least one vote from one judge for a first thru 4th place ranking, but not enough to achieve a rank. They have been presented with an Award of Merit to honor their achievements.

Stu MacElwain, NS Canada, Elk on Walnut Face
George Gilbert, PA, Jesus
Betty Kurtz, PA, Jesus On Cross
C. Lee Jenkins, MD, The Creation
Joseph Bursey, MA, Scripture Reading Matthew 11
Stu MacElwain, NS Canada, Leader Of The Pack
Lawrence Beaudouin, LA, The Last Supper
Bill Elder, MA, Dragon Whirligig

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