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Wisconsin 2004

August 7, 2004

First Place Winners in Contest:

Open Category - Basic Class:                 Nicole Mavros, IL, Chicken
Open Category - Intermediate Class:       Donald L. Fanwick, KY, Basket
Open Category - Complex Class:            Marion Paul, IL, Noah's Ark

Intarsia Category - Basic Class:               Brian O'Connor, IL, Huskie
Intarsia Category - Intermediate Class:      Sharon Whitlow, MI, Indian
Intarsia Category - Complex Class:           Brian O'Connor, IL, African Adventure

Fretwork Category - Basic Class:             John Gillitzer, WI, Plant Stand
Fretwork Category - Intermediate Class:    William K. Miller, OH, Snowy Owl
Fretwork Category - Complex Class:         C. Richard Mayer, CO, Clock - Original Design

Best of Class Winners:

Basic Class:                   Brian O'Connor, IL, Huskie
Intermediate Class:         Sharon Whitlow, MI, Indian
Complex Class:              C. Richard Mayer, CO, Clock - Original Design

Best In Show Winner:              C. Richard Mayer, CO, Clock - Original Design

Scroller's Choice Award:            Brian O'Connor, IL, African Adventure

Best Jr. Scroller :          Connor Filliben, CO, Eagle



C. Richard Mayer, CO
Best In Class - Complex
Best In Show
Clock - Original Design
Brian O'Connor, IL
Best In Class - Basic
Sharon Whitlow, MI
Best In Class - Intermediate
Brian O'Connor, IL
Scroller's Choice
Intarsia Complex 1st Place
African Adventure
Connor Filliben, CO
Best Jr. Scroller
Presenting Ribbons    
Jr. Scroller Winners
Connor Filliben, CO
1st Place
Josh Helgerson, WI
2nd Place
Mallard Leaf
Nicole Mavros, IL
3rd Place
Connor Filliben, CO
4th Place
Air Force Man

The following individuals placed in the contest with either a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place award:

Open Basic

2nd Place - Nicole Mavros*, IL, Remote Control
3rd Place - Nicole Mavros*, IL, Xmas Tree
4th Place - Nicole Mavros*, IL, Elephant

Open Intermediate

2nd Place - Charles Goodell, MO, Tae Kwon Do Belt Display
3rd Place - Connor Filliben*, CO, Eagle
4th Place - Connor Filliben*, CO, Air Force Man

Open Complex

2nd Place -  Gail Jennings, MO, Logscape
3rd Place - Gail Jennings, MO, Garden Fairy
4th Place - Insufficient Entries to award

Intarsia Basic

2nd Place -  Dale Helgerson, WI, Horse
3rd Place - Al Kietzman, MI, Cardinal & Dogwood
4th Place - Kirk Pryor, MN, Indian Head

Intarsia Intermediate

2nd Place -  Brian O'Connor, IL, Hummingbird
3rd Place -  David Frommelt, IA, Dragon
4th Place -  Brian O'Connor, IL, Angel

Intarsia Complex

2nd Place -  Kirk Pryor, MN, Moose
3rd Place -  Dick Welch, NV, Eagle
4th Place -  Kirk Pryor, MN, Soldier & Fireman Flag

Fretwork  Basic

2nd Place -  John Bare, IL, Box
3rd Place -  Alan & Marcia Virnig, WI, Red Fox
4th Place -  Al Laughlin, OK, Christ

Fretwork Intermediate

2nd Place -  Brian Allison, IA, Snowy Owl
3rd Place -  Ralph Wagner, IL, Fretwork Shelf
4th Place -  Wayne Bechtold, MO, Wakefield Clock

Fretwork  Complex

2nd Place -  Mike Irish, MI, Salzburg Clock
3rd Place -  David Frommelt, IA, Victorian Queen Clock
4th Place -  David Frommelt, IA, Ferris Wheel

Award of Merit Winners - These projects received at least one vote from a judge towards a winning place, but not enough votes to actually win a placement. The Award of Merit indicates this achievement.

Rikk Dunlap, IL, Ship
John Bare,
IL, Stylized Eagle
Kathy Hausmann,
WI, Cat Clock
David Frommelt,
IA, Carnival Swing
Dale Helgerson,
WI, Tiger Head
Nyle Leis,
WI, 16"Plate - God Bless
Ron Callies,
WI, Dog
Bill Brewster,
OK, Quail
Kirk Pryor,
MN, Baloons
Ron Callies,
WI, Jesus
David Frommelt,
IA, Dragon
Bill Brewster,
OK, Red Tail Hawk

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