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I  hereby apply for membership in the Scrollsaw Association of the World. I understand a portion of the annual membership fee is applied to my subscription of the SAW Dust. Please PRINT all information clearly.

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If Family Membership is selected, list names of Family Voting Members (maximum two):

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Gift Giver Information

Information asked for within the yellow box is only needed if you are purchasing a Gift Membership for someone else.

Please tell us a little about yourself so that this can be included with the membership you are purchasing as a gift. We will endeavor to deliver the Welcome Packet as close to the date you selected as possible. It can take up to two weeks to process a new Membership. Please allow that much lead time when ordering your Gift Membership. A gift card will be included in the package that will show your information as the giver of the gift.

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Non-U.S. Members: Please have check in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank; otherwise use a Postal money order.
All memberships are for a full year upon receipt of application, renewable the same month in the following year.

Select one method of payment:   Check         Money Order     Cash

Make checks payable to Scrollsaw Association of the World
Mail this application along with payment to 

Scrollsaw Association
1001 State Hwy 145 N
Simpson, IL 62985

Office: (618) 658-0915 (1 PM to 9 PM CST)


In order to apply for membership:

  1. Fill out Page.
  2. Print this page. Set your printer to Black and White to avoid printing the background.
  3. Mail Page  to address above.


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