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Ways You Can Join

Joining SAW is not an automated process. It can take up to two weeks to complete the process. Please be patient and we will get your materials to you as soon as possible.

There are three different methods that you can use to join SAW by using information on the SAW web site.

Note:  These are not the pages to use to renew your SAW membership. Please log in to the Members section to find the renewal pages.

Want to learn more about SAW before deciding to join?

Then click on the Sample Copy button on the right to get a Sample Copy of our newsletter along with an application blank. We are not able to send a FREE complimentary copy of the newsletter any longer. With three increases in postage costs since 1998, and with the larger size and content of the newsletter, this practice is no longer feasible. You can still receive a historical copy of the newsletter to help you in your decision to join SAW, but there is now a cost associated with it.

A sample newsletter will be sent to you at a cost of $5. This amount of money can be deducted from your membership dues if you later decide to join SAW. So for those of you who decide to join, there is no cost for the sample newsletter. This amount is the same no matter where you live in the world.

 In addition to the newsletter, you will also receive a copy of our application blank. After looking over the newsletter we hope that you will join the Association and become a vital part of our growing community.

Still can't decide?

Click on the Benefits button above to see exactly what SAW has to offer. We are sure that you will agree that this will be a valuable membership for you. Check back often to see what new and exciting events SAW is planning to help you in your scrolling efforts.

Read this before choosing the application method!

With each of the Application methods listed above you will be asked to make some decisions.  With the Print methods you can decide as you fill out the application the type of membership you wish. With the Pay Pal method you must make that decision prior to selecting the application method in order to select the correct dues amount.

There are three basic types of Membership. Select the membership type that you want

After you have decided the type of membership you desire, your location will determine the amount of dues for your membership. Since mailing costs are less for those members residing in the USA, their dues are lower.

Gift Membership

You also have the option of purchasing a Membership in SAW as a gift for someone else. You can include with the membership a Gift Card that will tell the recipient who is giving him/her this gift. The location of the gift recipient determines the amount of dues needed.

Write a check or obtain a money order in US funds made out to the Scrollsaw Association of the World. The fees are:

Membership Type

USA Canada / Mexico Overseas
Individual $25 $30 $35
Family $35 $40 $45
Business / Professional $60 $70 $80

Mail the completed application and the appropriate funds to:

Misty Valestin, Home Office
1001 State Hwy 145 N
Simpson, IL 62985

Special note to our overseas scrollers:

We understand the difficulty and expense of obtaining US funds in order to join the Association. The Pay Pal method of joining is an attempt to help that situation. You can pay in your own currency, or with a credit card and you do NOT have to sign up with Pay Pal for a permanent account with them. You may still mail an application in with a money order if you so desire. Irregardless of whether you join SAW,  we encourage you to contact other scrollers in your area. Form a Local Chapter of Scrollers whether or not you are affiliated with the Scrollsaw Association of the World. As the world changes it is more likely that more methods of handling payments will become available. When these methods are finally in place,  you will all ready have established a community of scrollers. In the meantime, take advantage of the various ways that SAW is helping you to join the worldwide community. Join the E-Mail discussion group, if at all possible, join with one or more online chat rooms. There is a lot that can be accomplished locally. Feel free to contact the Board of Director member from SAW who is in charge of Local Chapters. They have many good ideas that will help you to find and maintain a viable group. 

If the Pay Pal method here does not help your situation, please let us know. If you perceive problems that we have not yet seen, please let us know what they are so that we can aid in resolving them. If there are special interests that you have that are missing from this web site, again let us know. You can contact SAW with an e-mail note. Thank you for your help and we look forward to the time when you will be able to join SAW as a full fledged member.

You can also renew your membership to SAW thru Pay Pal. If this method of joining works for you, rest assured that you will be able to continue your membership utilizing the same methods.

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